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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Diabetes cure in Tamil - Herbal Medicinal Plants in Diabetic Treatment

Diabetes cure in Tamil 
Diabetes cure Tamil Herbal medicine is more effective.  Tamil medicinal plants treatment works better in the cure of hyperglycemia. The main positive thing is no side effects found while using this medicines.   

Avarampoo diabetes Cure
 you can get this avarampoo in almost all parts of Tamil nadu. The whole plant is having medicinal properties. The plant grows more in temperate regions. The leaves are small with yellow flowers. In siddha medicine the parts of plants like, root, bark, stem, leaf and flower parts are used in the preparation of diabetic medicine.  
Tke 50 gm of Avaram poo leaves and flower each. Dry it and make a fine powder.
Take 2tsp of powder, boil it with 2 cups of water. Waite the water reduces into one cup, filter it and drink in empty stomach instead of tea or coffee. Again at night, continue this for three months regularly.

Neem Diabetes Treatment
You might have heard Neem leaves and diabetic cure. The whole neem plant is used in diabetic cure especially the leaves and neem seeds.
Get some tender neem leaves grind nicely and make small pills. Have 3 pills every day in empey stomach.  (or)
Collect some neem fruit and remove the seeds. Prepare neem seed powder by drying it completely. Have 1tsp of neem seed powder daily twice a day for 40 days. This will make your sugar level down.    

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