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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Vallarai Plant Medicinal Uses and Herbal Cure Treatment

Vallarai Plant Medicinal Uses
This is the information about Vallarai Medicinal Uses. You might have heard about vallarai keerai medicinal value. The plant called Vallarai can grow in moderate temperate regions. It is a climber and the leaves are kidney shaped.
vallarai botanical name: Centella asiatica.

The vallarai leaf is used to cure many diseases in siddha and ayurveda treatment. Root of Vallarai keerai plant can live for many years and you can see red flowers and small fruits in the plant.
Vallarai Herb other Names: The other names of the plant are brammi mooligai, saraswati plant, sandaki and yosanavalli plant.
vallarai keerai memory inducer: Add vallarai in weekly three days in your daily diet to boost memory power naturally. Herabl Vallarai legiyam improves memory power.

Vallarai in menstruation herbal remedies: Vallarai is used to treat irregular mentural cycle and it can regulate the mentural cycle.  People usually take Vallarai keerai during pregnancy to improve the baby’s memory.
Vallarai health benefits: Vallarai keerai improves nervous coordination, digestion and it cures all skin related problems. Vallarai diabetes medicine is also prepared in herbal medicine.

How to use Vallarai for Hair: one of the best Vallarai keerai medicinal value is hair fall treatment. You can also use Vallarai keerai for hair fall problem and baldness treatment. Take the juice from vallarai and add equal amount of sesame oil. Boil it for some time and preserve in an air tight container. Apply this herbal hair oil daily to avoid hair fall.
How to make Vallarai Keerai juice: heat the leaves in direct and extract the juice.
How to prepare vallarai podi or vallarai powder: Sun dry the leaves and grind in a mixer grinder.   

Vallarai capsules and Vallarai tablets: Vallarai tablets are available in the herbal or ayurveda medical shops. You can also use the tablets as per the advice of your doctor.  
Vallarai Plant Medicinal Uses were discovered by our ancient Tamil people. This plant is also called brahmi. Vallarai and brahmi are the names for a single plant. We are not aware about many medicinal herbs and its benefits.

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