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Friday, December 14, 2012

Tamil Medicine for Hair Fall and Hair growth Home Remedies

Tamil Medicine for Hair Fall 
This is the information about Tamil medicine for hair fall and Hair growth Home remedies. Hair fall is the first beauty related problem of almost all people in the modern life style. Hair fall or hair loss starts at young age itself and this cause baldness. There are many hair fall medicines but this cause many side effects. Using Tamil medicine for hair fall and hair loss is the best method with out any side effects. Natural ingredients are easily available and the application process is also very simple.    

Dust and pollution are the main reason for hair loss. It is best to take hair wash daily or weekly three times a week.  Application of oil prevent the hair fall. Some people avoid using oil for hair this cause dry hair and breakage.  Apply good quality shampoo for hair wash. It is advised that add water and dilute the shampoo before using this can reduce the concentration of the chemicals.

Hair massage gives good result against hair fall problem. Apply olive, or coconut for your hair and do massage for fifteen to twenty minutes for weekly one day to strengthen your hair. Application of fenugreek seed, amla, henna, aloe vera, neem and hibiscus paste reduce the dandruff. Dandruff   is also  a reason for dandruff problem.  Prepare Tamil medicine for hair growth oil and apply for your hair regularly.

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