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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Nellikai medicinal uses payangal in Tamil maruthuvam cure

Do you want to know about Nellikai medicinal uses payangal in tamil maruthuvam cure, here is the information. Nellikai or Indian gooseberry is the amazing  medicinal plant which carries plenty of medicinal benefits and health values useful for many health problems. Amla fruit can be eaten raw, can be used in chutney, rice or pickle or Nellikai juice can be consumed for its medicinal benefits. In market amla powder is also available for many medicinal purposes. The two different varieties available are periya nellikai, and chinna nellikai, both have excellent disease healing properties. Here are some of the nellikai medicinal properties in disease treatment.
Amla is the rich source of vitamin C so those who are suffering from vitamin C deficiency are advised to consume amla regularly. It is said that amla contains vitamin C more than it is present is oranges. The regular consumption of amla is the beneficial to boost immunity in the body. It gives the natural strength to the body.  You can take this in the form of Nellikai chutney or thokku.

The antioxidants present in amla fruit saves the body from the risk of cancer or other deadly diseases. It fights against the free radicals which are detrimental for our body. Sometimes children dislike the taste of sour so prepare Nellikai jam and give them with chapatti or dosa.

Those who are suffering from pain and inflammation of joints or muscles can take advantage of amla extracts to reduce the problem. The regular consumption of Nellikai juice or eating raw amla regularly can reduce the inflammation effectively.

Amla is used for digestion from the ancient period. It is helpful to absorb all the essential nutrients from the food and provide it to our body. Amla helps to digest food without any kind of side effects. Amla juice along with water can reduce the problem of acidity also. So people from ancient days prepared Nellikai oorugai to take this with their regular food.

Amla extracts help to remove the harmful toxins from the body and provides natural strength to the liver. Those who are suffering from urinary tract infections can consume amla extracts for quick relief.

Along with the internal benefits, amla extracts also work on skin and hair. Amla powder mixed with water and lemon juice is very good remedy for acne and black heads. Regular consumption of amla can be useful for getting fair complexion and glowing skin as it contains huge amount of vitamin C.

Amla helps the absorption of calcium in our body, which is beneficial for hair growth. Using amla oil regularly can prevent hair fall and give a shine and bounce to the hair. Menstrual related problems like irregular menstrual periods, cramps during periods can be cured by consuming amla juice regularly. By knowing Nellikai medicinal uses try to take this wonder fruit daily.

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