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Monday, July 13, 2015

Tamil herbal medicine for diabetes treatment

Tamil herbal medicine 

This is Tamil herbal medicine for diabetes treatment. Herbal remedies for diabetes tamil are very much beneficial for the treatment of diabetes. These remedies are without any side effects and can be taken for a longer period. Here are three most effective Tamil medicine for diabetes herbs which can reduce the blood sugar levels efficiently and stimulates the insulin production easily. The herbs like aloe Vera, bitter melon and fenugreek can fight against bad cholesterol, reduce the blood sugar level and increase the insulin production.

Tamil siddha medicine for diabetes using Aloe Vera
The regular consumption of aloe Vera juice can prove effective in both – type-1 and type-2 diabetes. This cactus can be grown at home also and thus it is easily available everywhere. Studies have proved that aloe Vera juice can reduce the blood sugar level as well as cholesterol level in the blood successfully. The fresh aloe Vera juice or the aloe Vera capsules available in the market can give you remarkable results in few months only. The medicinal properties of aloe Vera can not only reduce the blood glucose level but also improve the insulin production of the body.

Diabetes treatment in Tamil using Bitter Melon
The most effective Tamil medicine for diabetic patients is Bitter Melon.  The herbal plant of bitter melon is also considered as one of the best remedies for the treatment of diabetes. The fruit and seeds of the plant are used in many healthy ailments. The bitter melon is loaded with a chemical that performs the effect of insulin on the body. The regular intake of bitter melon can reduce the blood sugar level within some days. Various studies have been conducted about this and it is proven that the extracts of the plant can remarkably improve the tolerance of glucose. For the type-2 diabetes bitter melon shows very positive results.

Fenugreek / vendhayam for diabetes
Fenugreek seeds called vendhayam in Tamil and leaves are the Tamil diabetic food medicine, contain rich in soluble fiber that is proved to be very effective in reducing blood sugar level. The fenugreek seeds cuts down the absorption of carbohydrates in food and thus it is very useful in the treatment of type2 diabetes. The seeds or leaves of this herb can improve the glucose tolerance and reduces bad cholesterol level effectively. Consumption of fenugreek seeds powder regularly for few months or including fenugreek leaves in daily diet can as a best treatment for diabetes.

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