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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Kandankathiri uses Tamil herbal medicinal plant

This is kandankathiri uses Tamil herbal medicinal plant information. Kandankathiri plant is also known as Solanum Xanthocarpum. It is a very useful herb found everywhere in the India. Here are some of the benefits of kandankathiri plant.

Kandankathiri botanical name: kandankathiri botanical name

Medicinal uses of kandankathiri: The herb of kandankathiri is loaded with antibacterial properties and thus is beneficial for treatment of intestinal worms. The consumption of the herb can cure cold and fever also. The health problems like diarrhea can also treated with the help of kandankathiri.

For many types of muscular pain and stress the consumption of kandankathiri is effective. The internal problems like enlargement of liver or stone in urinary bladder can be treated well with the help of this medicinal herb.

The herb extracts and kandankathiri powder are useful in the respiratory problems like asthma too. The congestion of nose and headache can be cured with the plant extracts.

The fruits of the plant are dried and used in medicinal cigarettes. The smoke of these cigarettes is useful for treating oral infections and dental cavities.
If you are suffering from sore throat and itching in throat, then juice of the fruits is very effective treatment.

The plant extracts are advised for treating piles. The plant extracts are used to make herbal paste which can be used for the joint pain and swelling of muscles. The painful condition of arthritis can be treated with the herb extracts

Asthma patients can be treated the root and seeds extracts of the kandankathiri herb. The saturated mucus and chest pain can be reduced with the plant extracts. The decoction of the roots is given for treating common cough
The paste of the roots is useful to prevent the danger or snake and scorpion bites. The plant extracts are useful for controlling weight effectively.
The ladies who are suffering from irregular menstruation or menstruation cramps can take advantage of kandankathiri plant extracts.

The herb is considered as natural blood purifier and it can stimulate the functioning of heart.

Siddha medicinal therapy believes that the juice of the plant along with honey can treat urinary infection and irritation.

The leaves extracts are mixed with coconut oil to reduce the problem of sweating stink.

Leprosy can be treated with the fruit extracts of kandankathiri herb extracts.

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