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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Bilva leaves benefits in tamil remedy and uses

This is Bilva leaves benefits in tamil remedy and uses. Bilva leaves or Bael Patra are mainly used to worship Lord Shiva. Apart from it the leaves are known for its medicinal properties and various health benefits. All parts of the Bilva tree like roots, bark, leaves, fruit etc are used for the treatment of various health ailments. The medicinal properties of the leaves can treat the oral problems like bleeding gums, dysentery, asthma, anemia and jaundice too. The Bael tree is also known as Wood Apple and carries a sacred importance in Hindu culture. Here we will try to understand some of the health benefits of bilva leaves:

  • The leaves of the plant contain Tannin that is very beneficial for the treatment of the diseases like diarrhea and cholera. The fruit extracts or powder of the dried fruit is useful to treat chronic diarrhea.
  • The unripe fruit of beal tree is used to treat the diseases like hemorrhoids and vitiligo effectively.
  • Those who are suffering from anemic condition are advised to take the effective treatment for the same
  • The bael extracts are used to treat ear and eye disorders.
  • The medicinal properties of bilva leaves are useful for bone health. In earlier days the powder of dried bilva fruit and leaves was mixed with turmeric and pure ghee to apply on fractured bones to heal it quickly.
  • Bael leaves are rich in phenolic compounds that contains anti oxidants. These anti oxidants are beneficial in fighting against gastric ulcers that are formed due to discrepancy of acidic level in stomach.
  • The studies have proved that the leaves and fruit extracts of bael carry antimicrobial properties. It is also loaded with antiviral and anti-fungal properties that can fight against many types of infections and allergies.
  • The deficiency of vitamin C can affect the blood vessels adversely. This deficiency can lead to the diseases like scurvy. As the bael leaves are rich in vitamin C, it can be added with your regular diet to cure the disease.
  • The leaves extracts of bael can be used to control bad cholesterol level in the blood and improves good cholesterol level effectively.
  • The respiratory problems like asthma or common cold and cough can be treated with the oil extracts of bilva. The oil extracts should be applied on head and forehead for quick relief.
  • Beal leaves extracts are very helpful to reduce inflammation, thus it is used on the painful area.
  • The fruit and leaves extracts mixed with ghee gives amazing effect on heart diseases. Bael leaves extracts are beneficial for healthy heart.
  • Those who are suffering from chronic constipation can take advantage of bael leaves and fruit extracts. Add black pepper powder and salt in the bael extracts and consume it regularly. This remedy can remove harmful toxins from the stomach and improve digestion. It can cure constipation with regular usage.
  • The medicinal properties of bael leaves can be useful in controlling blood glucose level. It can improve the insulin production in the blood by giving strength to the pancreas. The regular consumption can control diabetes within few months.

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