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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tamil Medicinal Plants Names with Used

Tamil Medicinal Plants Names and Uses

  • Tulsi plant – Holly plant leaves are having High medicinal value for cold and cough.
  • Kuppaimeni leaves: Cure all skin related problems
  • Thuthuvalai leaf: medicine for cold, cough, respiratory problems.  It cures male infertility.
  • Pirandai plant: It cures ear infection, body pain and knee pain.
  • Vallarai leaves: Increase memory, cure heart disease and used as a herbal medicine for jaundice
  • Karisalankanni leaves: Used as medicine for weight loss, hair fall and constipation.
  • Kadukkai powder: Best Tamil medicine for digestion and Kadukkai for hair is used to avoid white hair.
  • Aavaram leaves: Aavaram poo is used as a medicine for diabetics. All the parts are used as medicine so it is called kayakalpa mooligai.
  • Veppam plant  : Used as natural antiseptic medicine. It cures all types of wounds.

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