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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tamil Herbal Plants their Uses in Tamil Medicine

Uses Athi tree Plant :  All the parts including leaves, fruit, stem and milk are having the medicinal values. It is uses treat vomiting, uterus problems, piles, male sterility problem and knee pain.

The uses of Arugampul Tamil Herbal Medicine: It is a type of herbal grass having excellent medicinal properties. Arugampul medicinal uses were discovered by ancient Tamil people.  Arugampul Juice regulates mentural problems, wound healing, medicine for kidney problems, reduce body heat, and in bile treatment.

Ashwagandha Herbal Plant Uses: Homeopathy Ashwagandha medicine is commonly used but actually it is a herbal medicine. The plant parts like root and seeds are mainly used in herbal treatment. Ashwagandha herbal medicine is used to treat fever, cold, cough, Skin infections, lumps and asthma.

Karuveppilai Medicinal Uses: Karuveppilai called curry leaves in English. The plant is having high medicinal values. Plant leaves, stem and fruits are used in herbal medicine preparation. The leaves are rich in iron. It is used as a medicine in anemia treatment, reduces stomach gas, improves digestion and it is the best medicine for over all body resistance and immunity.

Thumbai Medicinal Plant Uses: The parts like leaves, flower and root are used in Tamil herbal medicine preparation. It uses to reduce the poison of insect bites in herbal cure. Cures male sterility, improves memory power, reduce headache, strengthens the uterus, good for eyes and improves body resistance.

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