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Monday, June 25, 2012

Tamil medicinal Herbs and Plants Kashayam in Disease Treatment

Tamil medicinal Herbs
Tamil Nadu is the home for many Tamil medicinal Herbs and Plants. They are used to treat many diseases from the ancient days. People usually tale the juice from the medicinal plants and drink in the empty stomach. This should be done after cleaning the medicinal plants because the plants have the eggs of the worms and some germs. 

Kashayam Preparation with Tamil Mooligai
Kashayam is the medicinal juice of a single or combination of many plants. Kashayam cures many diseases like cold, dry cough, fever, sinus, obesity, headache, weight loss, digestion and pregnancy.  Mooligai Kashayam can be prepared by boiling the medicinal plant with four times of water and let it to boil until the water reduces in to ¼. This is called Mooligai Kashayam.

Arugampul weight loss Kashayam: Prepare Arugampul Kashayam following the above mentioned method and drink daily in the empty stomach.

Kashayam for diabetes to reduce blood sugar: Take a hand full of avaram poo Tanner's Cassia, sara kondrai flower, naval fruit seed and marutham pattai. Prepare Kashayam for diabetes and drink in empty stomach. Continue this with your sugar medicine and check your sugar range after two months and get the suggestion from your doctor and then stop your English medicine.

Weight loss Kashayam : This is the best ayurvedic kashayam weight loss. Take Sara kondrai flower, 1glass tamarind juice, 3 glass of horse gram water. Boil to reduce into 1glass and drink every day. You can also prepare varanadi kashayam weight loss and varadi kashayam weight loss in the same method. 

Healing Herbal Soups: Mudavattukal rhizome just looks like the leg of goat and the soup is prepared in this mooligai herb can heal the arthritis problem and joint pain.

Kashayam for cold and cough: Prepare Kashayam with adhatoda leaf, Tulksi, Thuthuvalai leaves, kandankathiri leaves. The main kandankathiri uses are asthma cure and respiratory problem cure.
 Tamil medicinal Herbs and Plants Kashayam cure many diseases with out any side effect.