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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Patti Vaithiyam Tamil Medicines

Patti Vaithiyam Tamil Medicines
This is patti vaithiyam tamil medicines with no side effects. In Tami nadu villages side people believe nattu vaithiyam or patti vaithiyam for many diseases for permanent cure.
Patti vaithiyam for sinus: Sinus usually occur during cold season, taking steem bath by putting eucalyptus leaves or oil on hot water gives good result.
Patti vaithiyam for knee pain: Grind cotton plant leaves mix with castor oil and tie tightly in the knee.
Patti vaithiyam for hair growth: Dry some Karisalankanni leaves and boil it with coconut oil and apply for your hair daily.

Patti vaithiyam for acne: prepare the paste of fresh neem leaves and aloe vera gel mixture and apply the place of acne. This is the nest treatment for acne problem.
Patti vaithiyam for asthma: Prepare the powder of 3 driend betel leaves and 1tsp of black pepper. Prepare pills by adding few drops of honey and have three times a day.
Patti vaithiyam for blood pressure: Eat fresh garlic, its little difficult so chew it with white rice after food) or take 1tsp of lemon juice three times a day.
Patti vaithiyam for body pain: Take some niche leaves and neem leaves, put in bathing water for before half an hour and take bath just before going to bed.
Patti vaithiyam for babies in Tamil: Prepare the powder of kasturi turmeric and green gram powder. Apply this instead of soap during bath.

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