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Friday, June 7, 2013

Ancient Tamil Medicine and Benefits

Ancient Tamil Medicine and Benefits
This is the information of Ancient Tamil Medicine and Benefits. You might have heard about Tamil siddha medicine it is an old medicine without any side effect.  Ancient Tamil Medicine and its usage were well known by Tamil siddhas. Tamil ayurvedic medicine and Tamil herbal medicine were also coming under ancient treatment.

  • Tamil Medicine for Acidity: Avoid vitamin c food, drink more water, eat more raw fruits and vegetables. Drink pepper mint tea daily.  
  • Tamil Medicine for Cholesterol: Add more garlic in your diet, take a cup of oats and whole grains
  • Tamil Medicine for Blood pressure: take less salt food and have raw garlic with white rice one or two daily.
  • Tamil Medicine for Acne: Apply turmeric and neem mixed paste on the affected areas and also on the acne. Let it to dry (apply before bed time)
  • Tamil Medicine for Diabetes: take oats diet daily especially for breakfast, eat fenugreek powder 1 spoon daily and one cup of fenugreek seed.
  • Tamil Medicine for Constipation: Take 1 cup of Curd mixed with 1spoon lemon juice along with salt and sugar mix water to avoid dehydration. 

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