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Friday, February 28, 2014

Vetrilai Medicinal Properties and uses Vethalai meaning Betel Leaves

Vetrilai medicinal Properties and uses Vethalai 
This is vetrilai medicinal properties and uses, English name betel leaves. The leaves are commonly called vethalai in Tamil. Vetrilai benefits are more, most commonly at village side people use vetrilai for cold treatment in Infants and children. Vethalai leaf is broad and dark green in colour.

Vetrilai kuzhambu and vetrilai poondu rice are the most commonly prepared medicinal dishes to cure cold and cough. Vethalai pakku with fruits are considered as very important auspicious things on Tamil functions. Here are the ues and benefits of vethalai.
Vetrilai botanical name: Piper Betle 
Generally vetrilai leaves are eaten after food to clean mouth but now a days these leaves along with tobacco have become an addiction; which can be harmful to health. Too much of chewing betel leaves can spoil teeth.

Medicinal uses of Vetrilai Leaf

The aroma of these leaves is refreshing and stimulating. It increases appetite. It induce salivary glands because of which more saliva is created in mouth and food is digested easily.
Betel leaves are highly antiseptic and best remedy in respiratory problems. Ayurveda recommends betel leaves in the treatment of bronchitis. Betel leaves juice and honey is used as a remedy in cough and some other types of breathing problems.

Betel leaves carries diuretic property, thus the juice of betel leaves is used to resolve the urinary problems.
Juice of betel leaves mixed with honey is the beneficial health tonic. It gives strength to nerves and reduces nerves pain.
Boil 3-4 betel leaves in water along with 4-5 black pepper. Consumption of this liquid gives instant relief in stomach pain, due to indigestion.
Putting slightly heated betel leaves on the paining area can be very much helpful for the patients of Arthritis.
To drain the pus from the wounds and boils, the betel leaves along with the castor oil are tied up on them. The pus gets drained and the wound heals effectively.

Betel leaves are wonderfully effective during lactation. It increases the secretion of the milk after the pregnancy along with oil.
Anti- diabetic properties of betel leaves control insulin production in body, thus these leaves are used in the treatment of diabetes.
Betel leaves hold analgesic and cooling quality, thus throbbing headache can be cured with the help of betel leaves. Betel leaves juice or paste applied on forehead can give soothing effect.
Wounds or injuries can be quickly healed if the juice of betel leaves is applied on it followed by bandage of betel leaf.
It you are facing the problem of body odour, then betel leaves can be the best remedy for you. Boil the betel leaves with water and consume the mixture daily.

Betel leaves are helpful in controlling the bleeding nose.
Boil betel leaves in water. After cooling use that water to wash eyes. It can reduce the itching and inflammation of eye.
Boil betel leaves in water and use that water for gargling. This can give relief in bleeding gums.
Chew leaves or rinse the mouth with betel leaves water to get rid of bad breath.
Crush some betel leaves and mix them into water and wash the affected area 2-3 times a day to get rid of acne.
Betel leaves provides strength to heart and tones up the cardiovascular structure.

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