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Friday, February 21, 2014

Tamil Medicinal Plants Herbal Cure for Dandruff Problem

Tamil medicine for Dandruff
This is Tamil medicinal plants and herbal cure for dandruff. Dandruff is known as the main cause for hair fall, acne and pimples. Dandruff is the removal of dead cells from the scalp. Get rid of dandruff is not a big problem now. Here are some Tamil medicine tips for dandruff and simple home remedies for cleaning off dandruff.

Tamil home remedies for dandruff by using Curd
The first and the best remedy to get rid of dandruff is Curd. Make a smooth mixture of a cupful of curd and 2 teaspoon of black pepper powder and gently rub this on affected scalp area. After one hour wash it off with mild shampoo.

Tamil dandruff treatment with lemon juice
 A gentle massage of lemon juice mixed with caster oil on scalp is proven to be effective treatment for dandruff.
It may be Olive oil, Almond oil or Coconut oil, Luke warm oil massage with finger tips on regular basis can definitely diminish dandruff from your head.

Hair dandruff Treatment in tamil medicine with Baking soda and lemon
Mix a little amount of Baking soda with lemon juice 5ml or with your regular shampoo and baking soda will work as a cleanser for your scalp.
As we all know Eggs are used as the best hair conditioner. Eggs also treat dandruff problems and make hair healthier.

Dandruff Dolutions in tamil by Using Alloe vera
Aloe-vera gel is useful in many skin problems. It also cures dandruff if used regularly to massage the scalp by adding olive oil and aloe vera pulp.

Beauty tips in tamil for dandruff Cure
Dead skin cells are the main cause of dandruff. Ginger and tulsi leaves extract can remove these dead skin cells and cures itchy scalp and dandruff.
According to recent studies fresh Apple Juice mixed with equal amount of water can be beneficial in dandruff treatment. Leave this juice on the scalp for 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse.
Reetha is one of the oldest home remedy suggested specially for dandruff. Apply paste of Reetha powder and water on scalp and wash after 2 hours. You can also add few drops of lemon juice for additional effect.

How to avoid dandruff in Tamil Treatment
As already motioned, neem paste works best in dandruff cure, alternatively you can use neem oil for hair scalp massage. Apply neem oil 5 ml with 20ml of coconut oil. Mix well and apply for your scalp at night and take hair wash in the morning. Continuous 7 days  application can remove the dandruff completely from your hair and your hair will be reduced.  
The above mentioned Tamil medicinal plants herbal cure for Dandruff Problem ingredients are easily available and simple to use.

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