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Friday, June 20, 2014

Herbal cure for Fatty liver Tamil Treatment

Herbal remedies for fatty liver
This is about Herbal medicine for fatty liver. Fatty liver is the physical condition where the surplus fat gathers on the liver cells resulting the expansion and the heaviness of the liver. Losing extra weight, avoiding alcohol and drugs, lowering sugar and salt from your diet can be helpful to cure the condition. Following are some natural ways to cure the problem.

One of the best herbal remedies for fatty liver is Grapefruit, which is  rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants. The consumption of the fruit supports the cleansing process of the liver. The small amount of grapefruit juice can support the process of the detoxification of the liver. It helps to throw out the harmful Carcinogens and the other toxins. This helps to cure the fatty liver by reducing extra fat in the cells.

Leafy green vegetables
Green leafy vegetables also work as a cleanser of liver. You can eat them raw or cooked. You can even drink a juice or soup of these green vegetables. The vegetables like spinach, bitter gourd, mustard greens or chicory care much beneficial in the condition of fatty liver.

Lemon herbal remedy for fatty liver disease
The citrus fruits like lemon are rich in Vitamin C. The citrus fruits help to stimulate the liver functioning and they also help to detoxify the toxic substances from the body.

alternative treatment for fatty liver disease using Olive oil
Olive oil or flax seeds oil work positively in curing the fatty liver problem. They help to remove the harmful toxins and regulate the liver functioning.

This fruit is not advised to be consumed by pregnant ladies but it is very useful in nourishing the liver. Consuming the small amount of barberry juice can be supportive to cleanse the liver and regulating the functioning of it.

Dandelion Herbal medication for fatty liver
Dandelion is referred as the most potent liver cleanser. Dandelions can be eaten raw or as a supplement or tincture. But as it carries some side effects like digestion problem or dermatitis, it should be consumed in very less quantity.

Sprouted seeds

The consumption of vitamin E supports the nourishment and cleansing process of the liver. It helps to remove the extra fats on the liver cell. The foods which contain Vitamin E are wheat, green leafy vegetables, oils like soybean, corn and cotton seeds etc.

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