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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Kothamalli Medicinal Uses Keerai Benefits

Kothamalli Medicinal Uses Keerai Benefits

This is on kothamalli keerai benefits and Kothamalli Medicinal Uses. Leaves help in curing many diseases.  Kothamalli keerai can be taken as a recipe. The main dishes prepared are kothamalli thokku, kothamalli rice, kothamalli rasam, kothamalli thuvayal or thogayal,  kothamalli chutney for rice etc.

Kothamalli Leaves Uses
1. Coriander leaves are effective in many types of digestive problems. They can reduce the pain in the intestines. It also relieves intestinal gases. The aroma and taste of kothamalli leaves help to stimulate the appetite. Coriander leaves are also useful in regulating digestive system.
2. Coriander leaves are rich in potassium, fibre and magnesium which are useful as immunity builders. These leaves also help to purify the blood.
3. Diabetic patients can use coriander leaves on regular basis as they help to stimulate the insulin production, it also lowers the blood glucose and thus controls diabetes.

4. Spread the paste of fresh coriander leaves on forehead and temples to reduce the throbbing headache.
5. Leaves are well efficient to cure the mouth ulcers quickly. Apply the paste of fresh coriander on the affected area three four times a day.
6. The anti inflammatory quality of coriander leaves prevents any type of inflammation in the body.

7. Leaves are proven very helpful for treating urinary tract infection.
8. Morning sickness, nausea or vomit sensations are cured with the use of fresh coriander leaves juice.
9. Coriander leaves are advantageous to lower the LDL that is bad blood cholesterol and improve the HDL that is good blood cholesterol.
10. The leaves work as an amazing skin cleanser. Apply fresh leaves juice or paste on the face to remove pimples, acne and even blackheads.

11. Coriander leaves work as memory boosters. It is advised for the students to include coriander leaves in regular diet.
12. The leaves are source of vitamin K and thus it works effectively in the treatment of Alzheimer.

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