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Monday, July 14, 2014

Tamil Medicinal Herbs Uses

Tamil Medicinal Herbs Uses
This is the information on Tamil medicinal herbs.  It is very important to know about Tamil medicinal plants and their uses to cure many diseases. Here is the information on medicinal plants and herbs in Tamil.

 1.    Nellikai medicinal uses Amla: It is the most useful medicinal herb of India. Amla is a rich source of vitamin C. This medicinal herb is useful for treatment for diseases like cough-cold, diabetes, acidity and constipation. Amla oil is beneficial for hair growth and it prevents hair fall and hair graying.

2. Ashoka plant medicinal uses: Bark and flowers of this medicinal herb are used in treating problems during menstrual period. It reduces menstrual pain effectively. Aurvedic practitioners use this herb to cure diabetes and uterine disorders.

3. Thulasi medicinal uses in tamil maruthuvam: leaves and seeds of the plant are used for many respiratory problems like cough and cold, bronchitis, asthma. The juice or extracts of leaves and seeds work as best expectorant.

4. Sembaruthi medicinal uses Henna: leaves, flowers and seeds of henna carry many medicinal values. It is used to reduce the inflammation of skin. It prevents burning sensation. Many types of skin diseases and fungal infections are treated with the help of henna extracts.

5. Pudina medicinal uses tamil Peppermint: oil extracted from the leaves and flowers of peppermint is used as a very effective pain killer. Leaves of the plant help digestion and reduce gastric problems instantly.

6. Ashwagandha Medicinal uses Tamil: this medicinal herb is used as a brain tonic. Ayurvedic practitioners use ashwagandha for their treatment of stress, depression, nerves disorders etc. Problems like insomnia can be cured with help of this amazing herb. It boost the memory power thus it is used to develop memory power of students.

7. Vilvam medicinal uses Bilva: fruits of this medicinal plant are useful to regulate digestive system. Digestion related problems like constipation or dysentery both can be treated with the help of bilva. Patients of diarrhea are advised to consume bilva for better results.

8. Valaarai tamil medicine Brahmi: just like ashwagandha this herb also works also memory enhancer. To treat certain types of mental disorders brahmi plant is widely used.

9. Medicinal plant Sarpa Gandha: Roots of this plant are used to reduce hyper tension and stress. Patients of insomnia are treated with the extracts of roots of sarpa gandha.

10. Satavari Tamil medicine: this medicinal plant is considered as a general health tonic especially for women after delivery. It is useful herb to enhance lactation. This is a best medicine to reduce weakness and fatigue effectively. Roots of the plant are used to treat chronic cough.

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