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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Paati Vaithiyam Tamil Herbs for Diabetes

 Tamil Herbs for Diabetes
This is the information of paati vaithiyam for diabetes in Tamill herbs which work effectively on sugar control.  
1. Babhul or Acacia Arabica: It is a wild plant and the extracts of this plant are considered as anti-diabetic agent. This plant extracts stimulates the production of insulin in body effectively and thus reduces the blood glucose level to control diabetes.

2. Bilva or Aegle Marmelos: This is one of the best tamil vaithiyam for diabetes. The leaves of this plant are used to control diabetes. The extract of leaves can improve digestion and controls blood glucose level.

3. Onion: It is found in every kitchen but very few know about medicinal uses of onion. Dried onion powder can show anti-hyperglycaemic activity in diabetic patients. Consume onion daily in your diet or consume onion juice regularly to increase the insulin production in body and control blood glucose level effectively.

4. Fenugreek leaves and seeds: The very best Tamil maruthuvam for diabetes is fenugreek. Seeds and leaves of these plants are very effective in controlling diabetic condition. The extracts of fenugreek plants reduce the sugar absorption in body. It also regulates the digestion and stimulates insulin production in body.

5. Bitter gourd or karela: Seeds, leaves and fruit of the plant carries anti diabetic properties called alpha glucosidal enzyme. This medicinal herb can reduce sugar level from our body efficiently. And supports the production of insulin. Consume karela juice every morning on empty stomach to control diabetes within few months.

6. Neem: This plant carries hydro alcoholic properties which can work as anti diabetic agent. In can control the sugar absorption of the body and thus helps to control blood glucose level effectively.

7. Bermuda grass: It is considered as the best medicine to control diabetes. This herb is loaded with hypoglycemic property, which can work effectively in reducing blood glucose level and increasing the production of insulin in body.

8. Gymnema or gurmar: It is an amazing shrub which works beneficially in controlling diabetic condition. The leaves of this plant carry saponins and gymnemic acid which work as antidiabetic agents. It remarkably reduces the sugar level in blood. It also prevents the absorption of sugar in digestion process. The leaves of this plant also support increase of insulin level in body.

9. Guduchi: This plant carries alpha glycosidase, beneficial in reducing blood sugar level in the body. The regular consumption of guduchi plant extracts can control diabetes efficiently.
Tamil siddha medicine for diabetes

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