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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tamil Herbal medicines for diabetes cure treatment

This article gives Tamil Herbal medicines for diabetes cure details using natural medicine. Herbal medicines are very effective to treat diabetes without any side effects. Tamil Diabetes medicines are not a medicine it is just a food or food ingredient.
 Diabetes care tips in Tamil medicines
Paati vaithiyam for diabetes in tamil using  small onion: Very few people know the medicinal properties of onion. Dry onion powder carries anti-hyperglycaemic action which is helpful for diabetic patients. Add onion in your regular diet for more benefits. Onion juice is equally beneficial to increase insulin production in the body and helps to reduce blood glucose level effectively.

1. Tamil maruthuvam for diabetes using  fenugreek seeds and leaves: Fenugreek leaves and seeds are considered as very beneficial to treat diabetes. The plant extracts can decrease sugar amalgamation in the body. The plant extracts also regulates the insulin production in body and improves digestion.

 2. Bitter gourd for diabetes: This is used as a natural medicine for diabetes in tamil siddha remedy. The whole plant carries anti-diabetic properties called alpha glucosidal enzyme. The seeds, leaves and the fruits of the plant are used to treat diabetes. This medicinal plant can decrease sugar level in the body and stimulates the insulin production in the body. Drink bitter gourd juice on empty stomach every morning to control the condition.

3. Diabetes treatment in tamil using neem: The neem plant is rich in hydro alcoholic properties which is an anti-diabetic agent. It reduces the sugar absorption in the body. And it controls blood glucose level effectively.

4. Bilva leaves for diabetes cure: These leaves are beneficial in controlling diabetes. The leaves extract helps to control blood glucose level efficiently.

5. karuvelam maram uses in diabetes cure: This is a wild plant which is famous as very good anti-diabetic agent. The extracts of this plant helps to stimulate insulin production in body and reduces blood glucose level.

6.  Arugampul for diabetic treatment: It is an ancient remedy to treat diabetes. The medicinal properties of Bermuda grass are useful to control diabetes. The hypo-glycomic properties of Bermuda grass reduce blood glucose level in the body and boost the insulin level effectively.

7. Amrutha valli for diabetes: This amazing plant is called seenthil kodi. It is loaded with alpha glycosidase which is considered as very effective in decreases glucose level in the body. Consume this plant regularly to control diabetes.

8.  Sirukurinjan diabetes cure: It is a medicinal shrub which helps to control diabetes. The leaves of this plant are loaded with saponins and gymnemic acid which works as anti diabetic mediator. It prevents the body from absorbing sugar from the food intake. It increases the insulin production of the body helpful to treat diabetes.

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