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Monday, March 2, 2015

Karisalankanni medicinal uses Tamil Herbal plant benefits

Karisalankanni leaves benefits
This is about karisalankanni medicinal uses Tamil Herbal plant treatment. Herbal and ayurvedic treatments are beneficial for human health since ancient period. The treatments are without any side effects and useful for the people of all ages. Herbs are the gift of nature and the herbal extracts can play wonderful effect on human health. It also helps to increase the immunity system and the inner strength of the human body. sangai karisalankanni hair oil is very popular to reduce hair fall.

Though allopathic medicines give quicker relief than the herbal medicines, the excess usage may lead to side effects and many other health problems. Siddha medicinal therapy and ayurveds strictly believe on the ingredients which are natural and useful for human health. karisalankanni plant is easily available in temperate and semi temperate regions.

Karisalankann health benefits
Along with the other medicinal herbs, Karisalankanni herb is considered as one of the most powerful medicines which can work as the best body cleanser. It can remove all harmful toxins from the body and cleanses our body. It is also known as Kayakalpa herb and used all over the world for its medicinal properties. karisalankanni thailam for hair is applied to reduce the dandruff.

This amazing herb is found in some different varieties. The varieties are found from the color of the flower of the plant. The herb can be found in yellow or manjal color, white, blue and even red colored flowers. Manjal karisalankanni is commonly used in medicine preparation. Among these all the herb with yellow or manjal color flowers is considered to have maximum medicinal values. White flowered herb is commonly found everywhere.

Natural medicine use karisalankanni for liver problems. Studies have proved that this herb works best on the liver health. Thus it is considered as hepato-protective medicine. The herb extracts are beneficial for liver health and also for the regular functioning of liver. It supports the production of bile and prevents inflammation remarkably. The combination of karisalankanni along with kizhanelli herb is the best treatment for treating jaundice. 

Those who are suffering from the problem of fatty liver can take advantage of karisalankanni herb powder. The consumption of this herb not only improves the appetite but also helps to cure hemorrhoids. Menstrual problems in woman can be cured with the help of karisalankanni herb. It can prevent excess bleeding and also helps to regularize periods. You can use the paste of karisalankanni for skin infections.

Karisalankann hair oil preparation

In ancient days people used Karisalankann keerai for hair. Karisalankanni oil is one of the best hair oils. The herb prevents hair loss and supports hair growth within few months. This amazing herb is used in the ayurvedic hair oils like Bhringaraj. The dry leaves of karisalankanni are powered finely and boiled with coconut oil. This oil is stored and used for hair problems. The regular usage of hair oil helps to prevent hair damage and you can get shiny healthy hair growth. The leaves extracts of the herb are useful for treating cough and chest congestion. The herb is also very useful if you are planning to lose some weight. It reduce the process of aging by supporting healthy life.

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