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Monday, April 13, 2015

Karpuravalli herb medicinal uses in Tamil cure and treatment

This is karpuravalli herb medicinal uses in Tamil cure and treatment. karpuravalli leaves and seeds are loaded with medicinal properties to fight against many health problems. Here are some of the karpuravalli plant benefits, uses and payangal as home remedy. Karpuravalli medicinal properties are identified by ayurveda treatment.

Karpuravalli for babies
Those who are suffering from chronic stomach pain and stomach disorders can take benefits of karpuravalli extracts. The crushed ajwain leaves can be used on minor cuts and wounds as a first aid karpuravalli leaves extract is used to control colic symptoms in babies. It is a natural way without any side effects.
If your child is suffering from indigestion and not ready to eat food they try to give karpuravalli leaves extracts as one of the best remedies
karpuravalli cough and asthma treatment: For the patients of Asthma ad bronchitis, ajwain is suggested as very good solution. Boil karpuravalli leaves in water and consume warm water to get relief. Continue this remedy for few months.

Karpuravalli leaves for cold : Karpuravalli leaves are best used for treating common cold and cough. Chewing ajwain leaves or consuming the ajwain leaves extracts can give quick results.

Skin  cure remedy: Crush and make a fine paste of karpuravalli leaves. Apply this paste on skin problems like itching, reddishness, rashes, eczema etc. this remedy is also beneficial in reduction of pimples and acne
Menstrual cramps can be controlled by drinking ajwain leaves extracts in warm water. It can also regularize your menstrual cycle.

Keep karpuravalli leaves in every corner of the house to keep away the mosquitoes. The strong aroma of ajwain leaves can prevent the mosquitoes from entering your house The strong aroma or karpuravalli leaves can reduce your headache and nausea also.

Crush and make paste of ajwain leaves. Apply this paste on insect bites to get rid of pain. The paste can reduce swelling also. To reduce heat in eyes and other eye problems, soak karpuravalli leaves in water overnight and wash your eyes with the water.

karpuravalli leaves as well as seeds are rich with anti-inflammatory properties. The leaves extracts give anaesthetic effect on the painful part of the body. Make a fine paste of seeds and leaves and apply it on painful area to get relief.

 Ajwain plant is a good source of niacin and thymol which is essential for heart health. The regular consumption of ajwain seeds and leaves extracts can improve blood circulation.

 Chew ajwain leaves after heavy meals to reduce acidity and improve digestion and also chew tender ajwain leaves to stop hiccups quickly.

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