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Monday, October 12, 2015

Medicinal uses of Jathikai Tamil herbal cure

This is medicinal uses of jathikai Tamil herbal cure. Nutmeg is called jathikai in Tamil. It is loaded with medicinal properties which are beneficial for human body. The regular use of nutmeg in your daily diet can save you from many health problems. Let’s take a look over the Jathikai benefits.

Jathikai for babies: It is given for babies after bath to induce sleep.

Jathikai for sleep: Sleeplessness can be cured with the help of nutmegs. Nutmegs are used in Ayurvedic therapy to treat the condition. Add pinch of nutmeg powder in warm milk and daily drink it before going to bed. Within few days you can find positive results.

Adding nutmeg powder in your regular recipes can give additional taste and aroma to your dishes. Jathikai pickle is very popular. It is a natural immunity builder as it is loaded with minerals which are necessary for the human body. The nutmeg is also rich in the nutrients like Potassium, calcium, iron and manganese.

Jathikai for skin: Make a fine paste using nutmeg powder with raw honey. Use this paste on your skin. This amazing paste can make your skin glowing and remove all the scars and marks from your skin. It can also give you bright complexion within few weeks.

Jathikai for hair: Jathikai oil is beneficial in hair growth. It gives black and shine to hair. Reduce the hair fall and strengthen the hair follicles.

Jathikai powder uses: Nutmeg is the best remedy for those who are suffering from the problem of indigestion. Use nutmeg powder on your soups and curry to make them easy to get digested. Nutmeg can also reduce the problem of acidity and gastric.

Jathikai for acne, pimples and gums : Jathikai powder paste is applied in pimples and acne treatment. Antibiotic properties of nutmeg are very beneficial for oral health. Using nutmeg can keep your teeth and gums healthy. Eugenol found in nutmeg oil can prove helpful to reduce the toothache and gums problems.

The mixture of nutmeg extracts along with cinnamon powder work as useful antiseptic and antimicrobial paste used for oral problems. Nutmeg contains Myristicin, an organic compound.

Myristincin is beneficial for brain development. It helps to make the brain sharp and active and helps to fight against the diseases like Alzheimer’s.
Nutmeg essential oil can be used for the treatment of joint pain and muscles strength. Regular application of the oil on painful area can reduce the pain within few days.

Nutmeg is beneficial for blood circulation. The spice is also beneficial for the treatment of kidney infection. Nutmeg extracts are used for giving strength to liver and regularize its functioning.

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