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Friday, November 13, 2015

Agathi keerai medicinal uses in tamil herbal cure health benefits

This is Agathi keerai medicinal uses in tamil herbal cure health benefits. Aagathi Keerai  including its flower is very easy to find plant loaded with variety of medicinal properties. Here is the list of medicinal uses of this amazing plant. This herbal plant is rich in nutrition values. Hence no side effects found on using it.

It is safe to take agathi keerai during pregnancy.  Agathi keerai recipes in Tamil nadu: agathi keerai sambar, poriyal, rasam, soup, kootu, kulambu, vadai, etc

Agathi keerai benefits in Tamil herbal therapy
Herbal cure for white discharge: Many women face problems during menstrual periods. The problems like vaginal discharge or white discharge can be treated with the help of this medicinal herb.  Agathi keerai juice can also reduce the body heat effectively. What you have to do is mix agathi keerai in milk and allow milk to take a boil. When it will come to room temperature, make curd of this milk. When the curd is ready, make buttermilk and consume it twice a days to treat menstrual related problems.

The leaves of this plant are loaded with antibiotic and anti tumor properties, hence it is used as cancer medication in ayurveda.  The tea made with this plant leaves are useful in many health ailments. The wrenches and sprains can be treated by applying the paste made with agathi leaves on the painful area.

The stomach and digestion related problems like gastric problems, diarrhea and dysentery can be cured with the bark extracts of agathi tree. The bark of the tree is loaded with antipyretic properties which are helpful for the treatment of fever.

Bark extracts are proved to be effective on diabetic treatment. It can control the blood sugar level in the body effectively.

Along with the leaves and bark, the flowers of the plant are also equally effective in eye treatment. The flower extracts are useful in the treatment of night blindness and also for the weak vision.

The roots extract of the plant are useful for the treatment of Malaria and other viral fevers.

The infections caused by bacteria and the inflammation caused by it can be treated with plant extracts.
The paste made with leaves of the agathi is useful in the treatment of rheumatism. The problems related with kapha and pitta can be solved with plant extracts.

In many ayurvedic treatments the agathi plant extracts are used as natural laxative. It is also useful for digestion related problems.

The plant extracts are used from the ancient time for the treatment of small pox. The dry roots of the plant are ground to make powder. This powder is used on the affected are to reduce the inflammation of rheumatism.

The leaves extracts of the plant are used to maintain oral health. It can fight against bad breath and also effective in the treatment of sore throat.

The paste made with the bark of agathi plant is useful to cure skin problems like scabies and it is a very good treatment for mouth ulcers.

Ayurveda suggests the remedy of chewing the plant leaves for the treatment of mouth and throat infections.

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