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Friday, September 14, 2012

Information of Tamil Brahmi Medicinal Plant Uses and Herbal cure Value in Disease Treatment

Brahmi Medicinal Plant Tamil
This page is about the Information of Tamil brahmi medicinal plant Uses and Herbal cure Value in Disease Treatment.  Brahmi medicinal plant Tamil name is Vallarai keerai.  It is having great medicinal values.  Brahmi medicinal plant is available in all parts of Tamil nadu especially in farms which are having high water content. 
Brahmi Medicinal Plant Uses
The medicinal value of brahmi was indentified by our ancestors several back. The Mooligai information on medicinal plant Brahmi says that it will boost the memory power naturally. All whole plant is having medicinal properties.
brahmi for Teeth: Rub your teeth with brahmi 2 to 3 times a day. This will change your yellow teeth to white. brahmi leaves recipe also gives good result for yellow teeth problem.

Brahmi for Hair: Take 100ml of coconut oil, warm it and add a bunch of hibiscus leaves and brahmi leaves. Leave it for a night, filter it and store in a container. Apply this for your hair daily and do scalp massage to reduce hair fall.  

Brahmi for Memory Enhancement: Many researches shows that brahmi plant improves memory. Adding the leaves in our daily diet in the form of Chutney and Keerai gives positive result in brain memory improvement.

Brahmi for children: We can give one or two leaves of Brahmi leaves for children mainly for those who have speech deformity.  An ancient days, people give Brahmi for infants in the form of Brahmi tea to improve the intelligence and memory powder.   

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