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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

List of Ayurvedic medicinal plants Tamil Names and Herbal Cure Uses

This page is the information of List of Ayurvedic medicinal plants Tamil Names and Herbal Cure Uses. There are many medicinally important plants are growing in Tamil nadu and the medicinal uses of this plants are well known by ancestors.  Here I have given List of medicinal plants Tamil names with disease treatment benefits.
1.   Avuri Herb Plant Uses: The best body toxin remover
Tamil- botanical names of medicinal plants Amukkara
2.   Tamil name Amukkara and the Botanical name : Withania Somnifera 
Uses of Amukkara Plant: induce Weight gaining,  Ulcer treatment and Osteoarthritis treatment.
3.   adhimadhuram plant uses: Stops hair fall and induce the hair growth naturally
4.   adathoda plant Uses: Uses in bronchitis treatment, cold treatment, whooping cough treatment and asthma treatment.
5.   Aadu theenda palai : This is the natural medicine for stomach worms. 
6. Avarampoo medicinal uses: It reduce the blood sugar level. 
7. Eswara mooli: Used in the treatment of eczema and stomach infection. 
8. Karisalankanni medicinal uses: Used in Jaundice treatment.

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