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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Medicinal uses of keerai and Tamil plants in Herbal Cure Treatment

Medicinal Uses of Keerai
Medicinal uses of keerai and Tamil plants in Herbal Cure Treatment, the  nature has given medicinally important plants and herbs fir for various disease treatment and remedy. Keerai are edible plands. Mostly the leaf part of the plant is eaten by cooking different recipes.
1.   Agathi keerai uses: It is the best natural medicine for White discharge problem. It cures  gastric problems and diarrhea.  
Vaginal discharge
2.   Medicinal value ponnanganni keerai: Ponnanganni leaves are cues to cure respiratory problems and wheezing treatment.
3.   Mudakathan keerai medicinal uses: It is the best medicine for rheumatic pain.  Mudakathan keerai Kashayam is prepared in Tamil nadu.
4.   Medicinal uses of pasalai keerai: Reduce body heat and improves the urinary tract infection. Activate the taste nerves and improves digestion.
5.   Kuppai keerai medicinal uses: the vitamin and iron rich Kuppai keerai reduce the bad cholesterol in the blood.
6.   Thuthuvalai medicinal use: we can see Thuthuvalai plant growing in Tamil nadu village side. Nattu Thuthuvalai medicine is prepared to cure asthma, cold and cough treatment.  
7.   Pirandai medicinal uses : Pirandai plant is having an excellent medicinal value in stomach related problems.   Pirandai chutney induce the appetite.
8.   Kasini keerai uses: Kasini medicine is used in the treatment of kidney and urinary infection. Kasini keerai chutney cures the urinary irritation.
9.   Vallarai keerai medicinal value and uses : Activate the brain cells and Improves the memory powder.
10.  Karisalankanni medicinal uses: Karisalankanni keerai is rich in iron content. Karisalankanni keerai chutney recipe is prepared and it is added with sambar to increase blood iron content.

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