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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Herbal medicine Tamil Nadu Tamil Medicinal plants in Herbal Cure

Herbal plants in Tamil Nadu

This is the information of Herbal medicine Tamil nadu and Tamil Medicinal plants in Herbal Cure. Herbal Tamil nadu Treatment is very popular all over India.   The plants we are seeing in our day today life are medicinally important except one or two poisonous plants. Many people are not aware of the common name and Herbal names Tamil  plant. These herbal plants are identified many years ago and  the names, medicinal uses are mentioned in Tamil herbal books. Now the government of Tamil nadu is giving awareness about the medicinal plants and promoting the herbal cultivation in Tamil nadu and mooligai cultivation.
The names of Tamil herbal plants not known so to get the complete details about the herbal plants and its uses get English Tamil herbal dictionary which is available in the herbal and ayurvedic book stores. You get all types of  mooligai plants in herbal farm tamil nadu. Tamil names for herbal plants are well known by the village side people, they are still following the home medicine or garden medicine system.  

Herbal Tamil Treatment and Herbal Tamil names

Herbal Tamil Treatment is given for many diseases. Here I have given some simple herbal medicines for common diseases.
Fatigue Tamil medicine: This is cause by excess body tired.  Take 1 tsp of pure honey and mix with a glass of milk. Then add five raisins and add in the warm milk and drink twice a day.
Drumstick leaves (murungai keerai ) iron content for Anaemia  Treatment: drumstick leaves are rich in iron. Boil s cup of leves and fry in ghee and eat every day.
Jathikai uses in Tamil Herbal medicine: dry fry the Jathikai and make a fine power. Have 5gm of the jathikai powder with milk or water. This will improve the sperm count in men. This is the best herbal medicine for male sterility.
Herbal beauty tips Tamil: Agathi keerai is one of the best Tamil herbal beauty medicine. Grind some leaves of agathi keerai by adding coconut milk and apply for the dark circles under eye. Do this for a period of one month to get complete cure.

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