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Friday, November 2, 2012

Tamil Medicine for Hair Growth Herbal cure Treatment

Tamil Medicine for Hair Growth 
This is the topic about Tamil medicine for hair growth Herbal cure Treatment. Hair fall is the major problem for men and women. The main reason for this hair fall is pollution and dandruff and modern life style. In ancient period people followed some Home remedies hair growth Tamil hair oil preparation methods for getting healthy hair. The most popular Hair growth foods in Tamil nadu is curry leaves which is the rich source of iron. This can be applied externally for hair and also taken with food to improve the iron content of the blood.
Tips hair growth Tamil Dandruff medicine preparation
Dandruff is the main reason for hair fall. Use a clean and separate comb. wash tour hair weekly twice. Use the below mentioned oil preparation daily and take hair wash in the morning.

Mixture of Neem and Coconut oil dandruff control: Take 250ml of pure coconut oil and dry 100 gm of dry neem flower and boil with coconut oil. Apply this at night time and take hair wash in the morning.

Best Hair growth foods in Tamil Medicine: Eat more fruits and raw vegetables. Eat more protein and iron rich foods like whole grain, egg, dates and spinach. Omega-3 fatty acid is good for hair growth which is rich in sea food items and flax seed.  Vitamin and minerals play important role in hair growth vitamin B complex vitamin A and vitamin C are rich in fruit and vegetables.    Tamil long hair growth tips suggest that health diet play major role to stop hair fall and improve hair growth.

Hair growth tips men Tamil: The beauty of men is Short and thick hair.  Hair growth medicine for men is widely used but this is not good and may cause some negative side effects. Hair growth can be initiated by improving the blood circulation naturally. Good nutritive food is important for both men and women. Men can do head massage weekly once in addition to healthy diet.

Hair growth tips women Tamil: The main reason for hair fall in women is stress, malnutrition and hormonal change. Eating more fruits and vegetables strengthen the hair fall.   

 Siddha medicine hair growth Tamil

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