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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tamil Herbal Beauty Tips Herbal medicine Cure

Tamil Herbal Beauty Tips Herbal medicine Cure
This is Tamil Herbal Beauty Tips Herbal medicine Treatment. Tamil herbal medicine is prepared from highly valuable Tamil herbal plants which are having medicinal properties. There are many herbal gardens in Tamilnadu, there they grow medicinally important plants.  We can also purchase the plants in herbal nursery.
Here I have tried to give Tamil names for herbal plants.  For more details see English Tamil herbal dictionary

The below given herbal beauty tips are taken from Tamil herbal books. There is no side effects found people those who are using this medicines.  

Remove black under neck with Tomato: Take tomato juice one tsp, half tsp honey and cooking soda a pinch. Mix it and apply for black neck after delivery. This is the best natural medicine.  
Tamil herbal tips aavaram poo flower and green gram for face: Take equal amount of green gram, channa dal, and dried aavaram poo flower. Grind as a nice powder and apply for your face regularly and stop using soap. This will give shining face.
Tamil beauty advice castor oil for dark circles:  Take a spoon of castor oil and add a pinch of turmeric powder and apply on the spot of dark circles under the eye. Do this regularly for a month to get rid of dark circles naturally. 
Tamil beauty tips Mint juice for Acne Scars: Acne scare and pimple mark is the big problem for teen agers. Take 2tsp of mint juice and 1tsp of lemon juice. Make a past by aging green gram powder and apply on the mark regularly to get rid of acne mark.
Banana facial tips from Tamil herbal books: This is one of the best Herbal facial tips tamil medicine. Take one banana in a bowel and mash it. Add 2 tsp of honey and do facial regularly to get shining face naturally.  
Neem and kuppaimeni for hair removal: The two best Tamil herbal leaves are kuppaimeni leaves and neem leaves. Make a paste of grinding kuppaimeni leaves, neem leaves and virali manjal. Grind nicely and apply on your hand and legs. This is the best natural hair removal cream.   You can get this leaves or powder in Herbal products manufactures in Tamil nadu.
Tamil herbal remedies Shikakai for dandruff: Shikakai is called soap nut in English. This is the best natural medicine for dandruff. Take hair wash twice a day by using ground shikakai to get rid of dandruff problem naturally.

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