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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tamil Medicine for Cold Cough Constipation Chickenpox Treatment Herbal Cure

Tamil Medicine for Cold Cough Constipation Chickenpox Treatment Herbal Cure

This is the information of Tamil medicine for cold Cough chickenpox treatment herbal cure. Tamil medicine is a very old medicine form which is now followed in different names in different parts of Tamil nadu. The ingredients used to cure the diseases are purely herbal and natural. Uses of English medicine causes some bad side effects so most people prefer herbal cure, Ayurveda treatment and siddha medicines.  
Tamil medicine for cold: There is no effective medicine for cold in any treatment the use of antibiotics can not work virus or bacteria which cause common cold. Tamil home remedies for cold treatment gives good remedy for cold problem.
The combination of Pepper, turmeric and coriander seeds work better for cold and cough. It is one of the methods still followed still in siddha medicine for cold in Tamil nadu. Take equal quantity (powder form) of the above ingredients boil five minutes in milk, filter and drink every day until your get cured.
Tamil medicine for dry cough: Take one of spoon of pure honey, mix 1tsp of pepper powder with the honey. Prepare like small pills and eat three times after each meal. It is one of the best home medicine for cough in Tamil natural medicine.
Home medicine for cough for infants: Cough and cold is the common problem for infants and small kids. Take boiling hot water, add solid salt and hold the child to take the steam for five times three times a day.  
Tamil medicine for constipation: Chronic constipation leads to piles problem. There are some methods to avoid constipation by doing some simple changes in your diet. Avoid eating baked food like biscuits and cocks.
Add one cup of whole green gram dal sated and boiled daily after your breakfast.
Eat one apple before tea time and a cup of papaya after dinner
Drink a cup of warm milk just before going to bed.   
Tamil treatment for chickenpox: what is chicken pox called in Tamil?
Cinnammai is the tamil name for chickenpox. It is a very infectious viral disease infected from one person to another. Precaution is the best method to for this disease. Body high resistance powder and immune system act against this infection. So eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.
In case is you are having chickenpox apply the paste of neem leaves, turmeric and 3 small onions. Apply on the spots of chickenpox to get heal.  Neem is called one of the best tamil medicine for chicken pox.

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