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Monday, June 24, 2013

Tamil Herbal Treatment for Chicken Pox Cure

Chicken pox treatment in Tamil Herbal Method
 This is Tamil Herbal treatment for chicken pox Cure by using natural methods. Chicken pox is a viral disease and there is no proper medicine to cure this disease but nowadays vaccines are available to prevent this disease. Tamil medicine for chicken pox is naturally available neem leaves. Foreigners usually say the neem tree as miraculous plant of India because of knowing its medicinal properties.  
Herbal remedies for chickenpox itching: Neem paste
Name of Chinese herbs chicken pox Medicine: Antiviral herbs  like Hydrastis Canadensis are used in chicken pox treatment.
Herbal Chicken pox Remedies
Herbal treatment for chicken pox is the effective to cure this disease very fast. The plants like neem, aloe vera and turmeric are the most effective herbs for chicken pox home treatment.  
In the preparation of herbal cure chicken pox medicine, take a bunch of neem leaves wash and clean the leaves properly. Take one solid turmeric, grind and prepare like paste. Apply this paste all over the body one hour before taking bath.
Herbal bath for chickenpox: Herbal bath is another method for chicken pox natural cure. Take some fresh neem leaves, put in cold or warm boiling water. Let it for at least 2hrs and use the water for bath
Note: should not use soap until it get cured completely.
At the time of infection the itching will be more so avoid eating hot and spicy food. Drink more fluids like tender coconut water. Drink green tea or Herbal tea for chicken pox cure.
 Chicken pox Treatment in Adults
Chicken pox affected person can tolerate itching. Take 1/4tsp of baking soda mix with 150ml of water and wipe the spots with this water to get rid of itching.  
Chicken Pox cure in Babies and Kids
When you see the symptoms of fever and rashes in your baby’s skin consulting the pediatrician is the best for chicken pox treatment in kids. Kids and children may have very low resistance and immunity. Ask your doctor’s advice before going for herbal cure for your baby. 
Many people advertise like chicken pox cure in 3 days, it is impossible because of the life cycle of the chicken pox virus. When young ladies and teenagers are affected by this disease they usually ask, chicken pox cure in how many days?
Chicken pox will get cured from a week to fifteen days depending upon your severity of the infection and your immune response to the virus.

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