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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Herbal Cure Treatments for Amoebiasis Dysentery

Herbal Cure for Amoebiasis
This is Herbal cure treatments for amoebiasis dysentery. Amebiasis or amoebic dysentery is caused by an intestinal parasite called endameba histolytica. The symptoms of the disease are dysentery with stomach pain and gas out with bad smell. Allopathic treatment is the best and fast cure for amoebiasis. Taking more liquid or electoral with the medicine is very important to be safe. Herbal treatment is the alternative method of treatment for amoebic dysentery. People those who are allergic to allopathic can go for this herbal cure method.  
Herbal Treatment for Amebiasis
Pomegranate Herbal medicine for amebiasis: Take the juice of non-ripped pomegranate seeds and eat as such or prepare juice. If you can not drink as such add with curd or tender coconut water.  
Lemon herbal cure for amebiasis: Take one tsp of lemon juice add wit salted butter milk. Have this three times a day.
Chaparro amargo herbal remedy for amebiasis: Chaparro amargo is a herb used to treat amoebiasis. Add  20 dops of chaparro amargo with water and drink in the morning and evening after meal.  
Natural treatment for amoebiasis: Curry leaves are having some medicinal properties to improve digestion and cure dysentery. Take curry leaves podi prepared by adding salt, jeera, pepper and sukku.
Siddha Herbal treatment for amebiasis: take 1 small onion, keera 1tsp and 3 leaves elanthai leaves. Add in a glass of boiling water and drink the times a day.
Home herbal treatment for amebiasis: Take one jathika fruit, break into small pieces, and add in boiling water, let to boil for two minutes, filter it and drink the water.   
Home remedies for amoebiasis in children: One of the best masikkai uses is dysendry treatment. Rub masikkai in a clean stone adding breast milk of the mother and apply a drop in kids tongue. Do this three times a day.
Best home cure for amoebiasis: Take pepper, perungayam ingu, abini each 2gms. Grind and make 10 small pills. Have this four times a day to get cure from lose motion.  
Home cure for amoeba Dysendry: Take pomegranate flower 1, cardamom, poppy seeds, grind like a fine dry powder and add with ghee. Have 2to 3 small pills each day.  
Herbal remedies for amoebic dysentery: You might have heard about kattu kodi plant. It is having excellent medicinal properties and gives herbal cure for amebiasis. Eat a small coin like kattu kodi or chilahintha in Ayurveda to get cure from amoebic dysentery.  

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  1. Parasite Entamoebae histolytica is the main cause of Amoebiasis. Parasite is a living thing which is lived in, or on, in

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