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Friday, January 3, 2014

Medicinal uses of Pudina Mint Health Cure Tips and Treatments

Medicinal uses of Pudina 
Food is medicine and medicine is your food this is followed by our ancient people. They used all the natural herbal products for their disease and treatments. Using spinach often in our daily diet is an excellent thing. Pudina is an herbal plant, pudina leaves has excellent medicinal properties. Nowadays the leaves are used to as a heath natural medicine Medicinal uses of pudina Health cure tips and Treatments gives the information of how to use pudina in health aspect to cure diseases.

Pudina for Health Improvement:
 Pudina leaves are the excellent source of vitamins and minerals. The antioxidants present in mint leaves can cure cancer diseases also. Mint leaves are natural medicine for stomach upst, gas, indigestion, stomach worms, and knee pain.

How to use pudina for acne problems: Mix equal quantity of pudina paste and neem paste. Apply this on your acne scar regularly (apply and leave it over night) to get complete cure. 

Pudina for acidity: Drinking Pudina juice for acidity gives good result. Take 10 mint leaves, boil with half glass of water for sim flame in 10minutes and drink before food.

Pudina for asthma: Pudina is the best home remedy for asthma problem. Take half tsp of pudina juice and half tsp of ginger juice daily twice a day.
Pudina for face dark circles: Apply pudina paste mixed in curd on face dark circles. Close your eyes leave it for half an hour.

Pudina for gas Problem: Take pudina juice with a tsp of lemon juice in the empty stomach for gas problem.

Pudina for hair growth: Pudina leaves are used to cure dandruff problems. Apply pudina paste fenugreek paste on your hair scalp to avoid dandruff and induce hair growth. 

Pudina for weight loss: Drink a glass of pudina juice by adding 1/2tsp of lemon and honey for taste before bet time for weight loss.

Pudina for fairness on face skin: Grind fresh pudina leaves by adding lemon juice. Apply this on your face for one hour then wash your face with warm water.  

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