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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tamil acupuncture Treatment Cure and Learn acupuncture Course in Tamil nadu

Tamil Acupuncture Treatment
Acupuncture in Tamil nadu is now becoming popular to cure various types of diseases. This is the information of Tamil acupuncture treatment cure and where to learn this course in Tamil nadu.
Uses of Acupressure
Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat treatment,
Circulatory system diseases,
Gastrointestinal and digestive diseases,
Immune diseases,
Psychological diseases,
Muscular and nerve diseases,
Respiratory diseases,
Chemotherapy side effects treatment, Diabetes treatment, skin disease treatment, Weight management treatments are also available in acupuncture treatment

What is acupuncture?
Acupuncture is a type of medical treatment, the method of the treatment is derived from China. It is a disease healing process by inserting needles in some parts of the body by inserting the skin.
In Tamil acupuncture treatment the needles are inserted and which touch a particular nerve. The method is same for all diseases but the inserting points or Acupuncture points tamil method varies from disease to disease.
Acupuncture course in Tamil nadu
Many interested students are studying the basics and advanced techniques in acupuncture. This is offered as a health course in UG, PG AND Diploma.

Classical Acupuncture in Coonoor

Govt. of . India. Diploma in Acupuncture (coonoor)

ATAMA - All Tamilnadu AcupunctureMaravaneri Main Road,Near Vasu Book Store,
Salem - 636007.
Mobile Number: 9345680775
Tamil nadu Open University acupuncture Course
   Tamil nadu Open University is offering Diploma in Acupuncture Science. Interested students can learn Acupuncture in tamil language or in English language.
Books: Acupuncture books tamil free download is available in online.
Details of Tamilnadu acupuncture council
Tamilnadu acupuncture council
90, Sardar Patel Road, Gandhi Nagar,
Adyar, Chennai – 20
Phone: 0-94431 25655
To know about the practical application of acupuncture treatment Acupuncture videos Tamil version is available in you tube.

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