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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Herbal Cure for Thyroid Problem

Herbal Cure for Thyroid
This is the details of herbal cure for thyroid problem. The food which contains vitamin A can prove beneficial in regulating the functioning of thyroid glands. Green leafy vegetables and carrots are rich in vitamin A. Magnesium present in food is useful in balancing the function of thyroid glands. Eating Walnuts is the best option to get plenty of iodine and magnesium. Iodine stimulates the thyroid glands and helps it work efficiently. The intake of iodine content food can be much beneficial in thyroid condition. The food items like curd, eggs, sea food, potato, meat, oatmeal, and banana are rich in iodine.

Herbal Remedies Thyroid Problem
Another remedy to regulate the action of thyroid gland is to mix a tsp of coconut oil in milk and consume it. Coconut oil stimulate body metabolism and supports functioning of thyroid glands. Add ginger in herbal tea and sip it regularly to balance the functioning of thyroid gland effectively. Consumption of lotus stem and water reed is very useful in stimulating thyroid glands.
Flax seeds are the rich source of omega -3 fatty acid which helps to regulate the functioning of thyroid glands. Consumption of flax seeds and flax seeds oil is beneficial in condition of hypothyroidism. Consume flax seeds with water regularly to control thyroid functioning.

Herbal Cure for Underactive Thyroid
Anti-inflammatory action of ginger are useful in controlling the functioning of thyroid glands. Ginger also contains magnesium, potassium and zinc which is also beneficial in stimulating thyroid glands. Add fresh ginger in regular diet or for best results add ginger in herbal tea and sip it daily to stimulate the underactive thyroid gland. The vitamin D improves the immunity and metabolism of body. The sunlight of early morning contains vitamin D which can be beneficial for hypothyroid patients.

Black walnut is rich in iodine which improves the functioning of thyroid gland. It also contains a large amount of magnesium thus black walnuts are used in treatment of hypothyroidism. This is one of the best herbal cure for thyroid nodules problem too.

Herbal Cure for Thyroid Disease
The oil extract form evening primrose is very useful in the treatment of thyroid. The amino acid present in primrose oil activates thyroid glands and also helps to reduce the side effects of thyroid problem such as hair loss and menstrual abnormalities. Adding primrose oil can induce thyroid glands and regulate its functioning.
The herb Nettle is a very good source of iodine which is beneficial in controlling thyroid glands. Adding dried nettle herb in herbal tea can provide sufficient amount of iodine to body. You can also do massage nettle oil around neck area which can improve the production of thyroid hormones. It works better in herbal cure for low thyroid problem. The treatment of herbal cure for thyroid cancer is also available by using the herbal medicines.

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