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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Karpooravalli Medicinal Uses Tamil Medicinal Plant Benefits

Karpooravalli Medicinal Uses Tamil 
This is Karpooravalli medicinal uses Tamil medicinal plant benefits. Generally Karpooravalli seeds and leaves are used for many types of medicinal uses. The seeds and leaves of Karpooravalli plant are helpful in digestion and the common diseases like cough and cold. Karpooravalli plant care is beneficial in herbal medicine.
Karpooravalli side effects – No side effects
Karpooravalli other names – omavalli,  Doddapatre

Karpooravalli Health Benefits
1.   The tea made by adding Karpooravalli leaves can be very beneficial in controlling cough. It also regulates the digestion and prevents constipation. karpooravalli juice is edible.
2.   Use of Karpooravalli seeds and leaves can solve the problem of irregularity in menstrual cycle. It also controls heavy and painful menstruation.
3.   Karpooravalli seeds are the oldest remedy to cure stomach pain in infants. It also controls the gastric problem in kids.  Karpooravalli recipes are prepared.
4.   How to use Karpooravalli for cold - Boil Karpooravalli leaves along with tulsi leaves in water and after cooling add a tsp of honey in the decoction. This is the best remedy to control prolonged dry cough.
5.   The itching and irritation of scalp can be reduced by applying paste of ajwain leaves on the affected area.
6.   Boil Karpooravalli seeds and leaves in water and inhale the vapour to control asthma effectively.
7.   Karpooravalli for babies - The congestion of nose can be treated by inhaling the vapour of the water boiled with Karpooravalli leaves and seeds.  Apply leaves jucie of karpooravalli for babies chest to reduce congestion.
8.   Adding Karpooravalli leaves in tea can be beneficial in preventing kidney stones.
9.   Chutney made with ajwain leaves, red chillies, coconut and salt not only helps digestion but also reduces nausea.
10.        To reduce tooth pain or to cure mouth ulcers boil Karpooravalli seeds or leaves in water and rinse the mouth with the same.
11.        Make a paste of Karpooravalli seeds and leaves. Apply this paste on heat rashes or swelling due to pimple.
12.        To control dysentery chew some Karpooravalli seeds or boil some Karpooravalli leaves in water and sip it.
13.        Ajwain leaves paste along with curd can be very beneficial in removing acne effectively.
14.        Make a paste of ajwain seeds and leaves with mustard oil and this paste will prevent the entry of mosquitoes in room.
15.        Mix Karpooravalli seeds paste in buttermilk and consume it to treat piles.
16.        To reduce the alcohol desire, chewing Karpooravalli seeds is helpful.
17.         The consumption of ajwain seeds regularly can burn the body fats and thus helps to reduce weight quickly.
18.        The Karpooravalli seeds are useful in treating earache. Boil ajwain seeds with milk and put few drops in both ears for quick relief.
19.        If you are suffering from hiccups, chew half tsp of ajwain seeds and sip little water on it. This remedy will quickly stop your hiccups.
20.        The people who are suffering from premature ejaculation are advised to mix Karpooravalli powder in milk along with honey and pure ghee to overcome this problem surely.

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