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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tamil Medicinal Plants Herbal Leaves Cure Uses

 Tamil Medicinal Plants
 Herbal Leaves Cure Uses
Ayurveda specially focuses upon the use of various kinds of herbs for the treatment purpose. Many herbal leaves are used in various types of medicines and they also add rich taste and aroma to certain kinds of recipes. The use of herbs in regular diet can keep many diseases away. The use of fresh herbs also adds a different taste to an average dish. In India and even in some foreign countries fresh herbs are used in kitchen regularly. Following are some of the mostly used herbs in day to day life

1.   Tamil Medicinal Plants Tulsi or Basil: We generally know Tulsi as the king of the herbs. Basil leaves contain the taste and the aroma both. Other than the huge medicinal qualities, the basil leaves also are used for its rich and refreshing flavour. Basil leaves are specially used to control high blood pressure. They also work as great antioxidants. Many respiratory tract problems are cured with the extract of tulsi leaves. Basil leaves are used in adding flavour to tea. Leaves are used in different types of soups like Tomato soup, onion soup etc. Basil leaves are used for decorating many types of pastas, pizzas and salads.

2.   Tamil Medicinal Plants Rosemary: This is another herb with rich aroma and flavour. This herb is used in medicinal oils for aroma therapy. The refreshing aroma of these leaves is used as a mood booster. Ayurveda gives special importance for this herb to treat migraine. Rosemary leaves contain antioxidant and anti bacterial properties which help to improve body immunity. These leaves are used specially in meat dishes for seasoning purpose.

3.   Tamil Medicinal Plants Pudina Mint: After Basil, Mint is the next herb which is widely used for its medicinal uses and its rich taste and aroma. Menthol is the content of these leaves which adds flavour to many recipes. Generally mint leaves are used for the treatment of digestive disorders. This herb is the best blood purifier. Mint leaves are hugely used for oral health and hygiene. This herb can be used in many types of dishes like chutney, salads, lemonades, tea, soups and toffees. Many beverages are also made with the use of mint leaves.

4.   Tamil Medicinal Plants kothamalli Parsley: This herb is generally used for garnishing purpose. The fresh flavour of this herb makes it act as a mouth freshener and prevents bad breathe. This herb is also used in curing digestion problems. The leaves of the herb work as immunity builders and reduce the diseases like cold and cough. Parsley is a rich source of vitamin A and C. It is also used for the treatment of irregular menstrual cycle. Parsley is used in variety of soups and salads to add aroma and flavour.

5.      Tamil Medicinal Plants karpuravalli leaves Sage: This herb carries a spicy flavour. Thus it is used in flavouring salads and many other non-vegetarian dishes. The extract of this herb is used to treat indigestion and asthma. The herb Sage is widely used to treat the physical conditions like rheumatic arthritis also. Sage leaves are used in stuffing in many dishes. It is also used in various kinds of spicy sauces.

6.   Tamil Medicinal Plants Omam leaves Thyme: This herb is generally used for adding flavour and aroma to various dishes. This herb comes in nearly 60 types of varieties which are used to marinade meat and vegetables. Thyme tea is beneficial in treating throat infection and dry cough. As this herb is a rich source of fibre, it is used in many dietary recipes. Various kinds or chutneys and salads are flavoured with thyme all over the world.

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