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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tamil Herbal Leaves Uses and Medicinal Benefits

Tamil herbal leaves Uses 
This is Tamil herbal leaves uses and medicinal benefits. The medicinal plants are medicinally important and used to cure various types of diseases. This is natural treatment completely free of side effects. 
1. Tulsi leaves: Tulsi leaves are beneficial in many types of diseases. Daily consumption of tulsi leaves extract or juice from tulsi leaves can keep your blood pressure under control. These leaves are used to treat respiratory problems also. Cough and cold can be cured with tulsi leaves juice. Add few tulsi leaves in your daily morning tea to regulate your digestion.

2. Mint leaves: Mint extracts are equally beneficial in treatment of many diseases. Mint leaves paste can be useful in treating headache. Any type of digestive disorder can be reduced with the regular consumption of mint leaves. Eat mint leaves regularly as it purifies your blood very effectively. Chew few mint leaves to prevent bad breathe and maintain good oral health.

3. Rosemary leaves: these leaves are especially used in aroma therapy. If you are suffering from depression or anxiety, then the refreshing aroma of these leaves can boost your mood. Migraine is treated with the help of this herb. These leaves can improve body immunity as it carries antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

4. Sage leaves: Sage leaves are very beneficial in treating asthma. The extract of these leaves can regulate digestion effectively. Those who are suffering from arthritis and rheumatic arthritis can take benefits of sage leaves to treat the condition.

5. Parsley leaves: These leaves are especially used to prevent bad breathe. It can cure indigestion. The extracts of these leaves can treat common cold and cough. They are known as the best immunity builders. Parsley leaves can provide us with vitamin A and C which can prevent the growth of cancer cells in body. Ladies who are facing problems during menstrual period can consume parsley leaves.

6. Thyme leaves: These leaves are useful for the treatment of throat infection as well as cough and cold. These leaves are the rich source of fibre and thus can help regulating digestion.

7. Coriander leaves: These medicinal leaves can fight against bad cholesterol and reduce it effectively. It can also reduce the blood sugar level and thus is useful in treatment of diabetes. The anti bacterial and anti fungal properties of coriander leaves keep us safe from many viral infections and diseases.

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