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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Herbal Leaves for Diabetes Tamil medicine

Herbal leaves for diabetes Tamil medicine

This is the information on Tamil medicine for diabetes, diabetic herbal medicine. One of the well known herbal plant for diabetes treatment is insulin plant but other than that many Herbal leaves for diabetes treatment.

Tamil herbal medicine for diabetes

Fenugreek leaves:
Commonly used herbal medicine for diabetes is fenugreek seeds and leaves. Seeds and leaves of fenugreek plant are known as the best remedy for controlling diabetes. Include fenugreek leaves in your daily diet, as it can control the sugar absorption of the body and it can even stimulate insulin production in the body. 
Bilva leaves:
One of the best herbal remedies for diabetes is bilva leaves. Ayurveda therapy uses Bilva leaves to treat diabetes. The leaves extract of bilva can control blood glucose in body by regulating diabetes. This herbal treatment for diabetes gives good rust in reducing blood sugar. 
Neem leaves:
The hydro alcoholic properties of neem leave work as anti-diabetic medicine. These leaves can control blood glucose level effectively by reducing the sugar absorption in the body. 
Bermuda grass:
This herb is a very good remedy for diabetes. The herb carries hypo-glycomic properties which can effectively reduce sugar level in body by stimulating insulin production in body. 
Aloe vera:
Aloe vera juice can control fat saturation in body and it can also be helpful to regulates blood glucose level in body effectively. 
Cabbage leaves:
Cabbage carries the effectiveness same as insulin, which can prove helpful to reduce blood glucose level. 
Curry leaves:
Curry leaves can prove beneficial to control diabetes. Daily consume 8 to 10 fresh curry leaves on empty stomach to cure diabetes. 
Cucumber and radish leaves:
These leaves are low in carbohydrate and are useful for preventing or controlling diabetes. 
Mango leaves:
Mango leaves can treat diabetes by increasing insulin level in the body. Soak mango leaves in water overnight and morning drink that water after filtering. You can also try consuming dry mango leaves powder to reduce diabetes level. 
Fig leaves:
These leaves are beneficial to lower blood sugar level by increasing insulin production in body. 
Sage leaves:
These leaves are used for various health treatments. They can regulate digestion and helps to reduce blood glucose level in body. 
Basil leaves:
Basil leaves can show a very positive effect on postprandial and fasting glucose. The extracts of these leaves can improve the performance of beta cells and stimulates insulin production effectively. 
Gymnema or Gurmar leaves:
These leaves carry saponins and gymnemic acids which can give anti- diabetic effect. They can reduce the sugar absorption in intestine. Herbal leaves for diabetes Tamil medicine gives excellent result with out any side effects.

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