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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Omam Medicinal Properties Uses and Health Benefits

Omam Seeds Medicinal Uses 
This is the information to share omam medicinal Properties, benefits and uses. Omam seeds are mainly known for treating stomach problems. Seeds contain a huge amount of thymol, which is beneficial in digestion of food and weight loss. Those who are suffering from indigestion and nausea consume eat few ajwain seeds to cure the situation. omam tamil medicine is  used for children also as they do not carry any side effect.  Karpooravalli is the name for omam plant in tamil.  

Omam health benefits

Omam uses in Tamil ayurvedic medicine is well known to treat digestion related problems. Ladies can take omam during pregnancy to avoid ingestion. It is a cooking ingredient so no side effects found. The seeds are also beneficial for cold, cough and even asthma. It contains anaesthetic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungus properties which can be useful to relieve congestion due to wet cough and cold. Mix some crushed ajwain seeds with jaggery and consume it for quick relief.

omam herb and  seeds are beneficial in rheumatic and arthritic pain. The seeds carry anti-inflammatory and anaesthetic properties which effectively reduces the pain in joints and muscles. Add few ajwain seeds in warm water and soak your joints in it. You can even crush and make a paste of seeds and apply it on the painful area to get quick relief.

Those who are suffering from earache can use ajwain seeds for treatment. Mix ajwain seeds and garlic in sesame oil and boil it. After cooling down, use few drops of oil to reduce ear pain. These seeds are equally beneficial in improvement of sex life.  Patients having piles can take omum water for constipation problem.

Ajwain seeds have aphrodisiac property. Mix  a pinch of omam powder with tamarind, honey, ghee and milk. Consumption of this mixture can increase vitality and libido. Ajwain seeds are good for heart life. Seeds contain niacin and thymol which are considered to be very good for healthy heart. It can regularise the blood circulation in heart. Boil some ajwain seeds in water and consume this warm water on empty stomach every morning.  Patti vaithiyam suggest to give omum water for infants but it is advised to give one or two drops.
Seeds are useful in reduction of inflammation and it can calm down the irritated nerves. Thus this is one of the best remedies to control hiccups. Chew few raw ajwain seeds and drink warm water on it to stop the hiccups immediately.

Ajwain seeds are considered to be best remedy to reduce acidity by regularizing and improving digestive system. Mix ajwain seeds and jeera in water and take a boil. Consume this water when acidity occurs. Those who are suffering from throbbing headache can sniff the vapors of ajwain seeds or apply paste of seeds directly on forehead to get soothing relief.

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