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Thursday, October 9, 2014

How to use kollu for weight loss in tamil treatment?

How to use kollu for weight loss in tamil treatment? Here I have given some health tips and recipes to by using kollu to reduce your weight naturally.

How to reduce weight by eating kollu?
Horse gram/ kollu recipes has good nutritional value and it is good for health. kollu is  supposed to be one of the best remedies for losing weight effectively within few days. Horse gram helps to reduce the cholesterol in the body. It fights against the fatty tissues in the body and supports body to use saturated fats as energy. This process melts the stored fats in the body and makes you slim and trim within some days. There are different types kollu recipes for weight loss are in practice. Kollu paruppu and rasam are the common diet of village people.

Horse gram can work directly on body fats by creating heat in the body and thus weight loss takes place quickly. But to balance the heat level in the body it is necessary to consume cumin seeds or buttermilk along with horse gram. kollu soup is prepared from horse gram boiled water.
Dry roast horse gram until it changes colour and leaves aroma. Make a powder and store it in air tight container. Mix this powder with buttermilk and consume it daily for weight reduction within few months.

Soak horse gram seeds in water for overnight. Morning remove from water and add chopped onion and rock salt in it. This is called kollu rasam, have this healthy food for breakfast to reduce weight and body fats. Add roasted horse gram powder in soups to give extra taste and benefits for your body.

Horse gram can not only reduces the bad cholesterol in the body but also can regulate blood pressure and blood glucose level. Diabetes patients can take advantage of horse gram seeds as it helps to reduce weight and blood glucose both.  You can also prepare kollu podi for weight loss by grinding the dried kollu by adding salt and dry chillies.

How to prepare kollu for weight loss?
Wash and soak horse gram in water for overnight. Morning remove it from water and tie it in a clean cotton cloth. Keep it in room temperature for 24 hours. You can get sprouted horse gram as healthy food option for weight reduction.
Sprouted horse gram contains high amount of vitamins and micro nutrients essential for body. Soak horse gram for overnight and morning boil it with water in pressure cooker. For kollu rasam weight loss take the left over water of cooked horse gram and prepare soup, have this in empty stomach.

Use these grains to make tasty rasam along with tomato, chillies, coconut and garlic. Consume this tasty rasam daily to keep your body healthy and keep your weight under control.
Soak horse gram seeds overnight and morning use them to make tasty chutney by adding tomato, fried onion, fried coriander seeds, cumin seeds, garlic and pepper. Add curry leaves and salt in the chutney and enjoy this chutney in your daily meals for taste and benefits.

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