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Monday, October 20, 2014

Tamil Herbal Medicine for Cold Natural cure

Tamil herbal medicine for cold 

This is Tamil herbal medicine for cold natural cure treatment. home remedies for cold in tamil nadu is in practice for all age people. The medicine is prepared by using Tamil herbal leaves. The most commonly uses Tamil herbal plant to cure cold is tulsi.
How to cure cold in Tamil maruthuvam

• Ginger works best to treat cold. It can help to dry running nose and reduce the phlegm causing cold. It can soothe respiratory tract quickly. Add crushed ginger in your tea to get quick relief from cold and cough.

• Most commonly used cold treatment in tamil medicine is ginger and honey. Ginger mixed with honey can also prove helpful to reduce the problem of cold and running nose.

• Warm milk along with turmeric powder is also well known remedy to fight cold and cough. This remedy is useful for children also. Consume warm milk with turmeric before going to bed at night.

• Mix fresh lemon juice and cinnamon powder with organic honey to reduce common cold and cough. You can add honey, lemon juice and cinnamon powder in warm water also to give soothing effect on itching throat.

• Use warm water with salt to gargle. Gargling is one of the oldest therapies to cure cold and cough. You can also add a pinch of turmeric powder also to treat cold and cough effectively.

• Amla is useful to build immunity system and it can also protect our body from many infections. Amla is also beneficial to treat infections for cold and cough.

• Spice tea made with tulsi leaves, black pepper powder and ginger is very beneficial to cure cold and related symptoms. This is believed as one of the best siddha medicine for cold in tamil nadu.

• You can also try juice of tulsi leaves and honey to cure cold and cough.

• Add lemon juice and honey in warm water to control common cold and cough.
• Boil Flaxseeds in water and filter the mixture. Add lemon juice and honey in that extracted water and consume it to cure cold and cough.

• Cut fresh ginger into pieces and mix salt in it. Chew raw ginger pieces to reduce cold and cough. It can also sooth irritated throat easily.

• Mix ginger juice in tulsi leaves paste. Add a spoon of honey into the mixture to treat cough and cold.

• Garlic is very beneficial to fight against cold and cough. Fry few garlic cloves in pure ghee and consume them warm. It is considered as very good remedy for cold.

• Boil jaggery in water. Add black pepper and cumin seeds while boiling. This can reduce the phlegm and relieves congestion easily.

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