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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Herbal plants in Bangalore with Medicinal Nursery

Herbal plants in Bangalore with Medicinal Nursery
This is to give information about Herbal plants in Bangalore. In Bangalore the climate is neither hot nor cold. It is moderate all over the year so we can find many herbal plants Nursery in Bangalore. They are completely natural and medicinally important products are prepared and exported to foreign countries too. You can buy this herbal plants Bangalore. Separate garden is maintained for herbal, ayurvedic and herbal medicinal plants in Bangalore. Here is the detail about the herbal plants in Bangalore.

Herbal plants in Bangalore Address and Contact Phone Number 
1.   Pragatic Boicare located in Basavankudi Bangalore, Karnataka

2.    Indus Herbs located in Basavankudi Bangalore , Contact Phone number – 08032908719

3.   Ayushia Herbs located in Anumanta Nagara, Contact Phone number -9886953331

4.   Systems Intl located in Saint Mks Road, Contact Phone number – 9886818965

5.   Grauer and weli India Lim. Located in Crecent road Contact Phone number –08022260232

6.   Laxmi nurshing Farm located in Kamachi palayam Contact Phone number –9343729110

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