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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Herbal Plants Tamil Names and Medicinal Cure

Herbal plants Tamil Names and Uses
Herbal plants have excellent medicinal properties. It cures many diseases without any side effects. The medicinal plants are used in Tamil herbal medicine and Tamil Siddha medicine.

  • Ashoka plant medicinal plant: Ashoka herbal tree. The powdered bark portion of Ashoka tree cures menstrual problems.
  • Sombu medicinal value: Fennel herbal plant or aniseed is sombu. It cures liver and kidenty related problems. Improve appetite.
  • Vilvam Medicinal Uses: The herbal plant is used in the treatment of dyspepsia and ulcer
  • Vasambu medicinal properties: Vasambau herbal plant is used to treat stomach ache and improves digestion on infants.
  • kathalai plant (Aloe Vera): This is a best herb for skin infections treatment. It is used to treat asthma problem.
  • Sitharathai for cold and cough: Sitharathai plant paste is mixed with water to treat cold and cough
  • shatavari medicinal plant uses: This is used as a medicine for infertility and menopause problems in women.
  •  Medicinal uses perungayam: Good medicine for gastric problem and improves digestive process.
  • Neem tree tamil Medicinal Value: Whole Neem plant or Vembu has anti bacterial properties. It cures all skin infections. 

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