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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Milagu Medicinal Uses and Benefits

Milagu Medicinal Uses and Benefits
From ancient period pepper is used for its various medicinal properties. val milagu benefits are well-known in ayurvedic treatment. It is used in ayurvedic medicinal treatment as it carries anti-inflammatory and anti-infection qualities so people usually prepare milagu rasam for cold and fever.  Black Pepper is very beneficial in preventing the infection of many types of diseases.  We usually avoid using milagu or we remove it. We prepare milagu pongal recipe and eat by removing the pepper, then what is the use adding the food.

Pepper supports the digestion as it helps to increase gastro-intestinal enzyme emission. Pepper also helps to absorb the nutrients like B-complex, vitamins, selenium etc from the food consumed. We can prepare milagu kashayam for cold.

Black pepper is rich with the minerals like calcium, zinc, potassium, iron, manganese and magnesium. These minerals are very essential for our body for various functions like controlling the blood pressure and heart rate, production of new blood cells, cellular respiration etc.

The anti-oxidant vitamins like vitamin – C and Vitamin – A are present in black pepper. The anti oxidants help to protect the body form cancer and many other related diseases. It also removes the destructive radicals from the body. Some diseases caused by bacterial infections are cured with the help of black pepper. In the conditions like constipation, diarrhea black pepper works magically to get rid of.

Authentic milagu rasam is the best remedy for cold and cough. In villages quick milagu rasam is prepared at the time of severe headache  and cough. It is a rich source of anti bacterial properties which can cure respiratory problems. Black pepper also increases the metabolism rate in the body and thus is helpful in reducing weight quickly. Those who wish to reduce the belly fat can consume black pepper regularly. It is also helpful in reducing other related problems.

milagu uses in tamil medicine is more. Black pepper works well in the improvement of oral health. It prevents tooth decay and makes the gums strong. If you are suffering from tooth ache then you can try black pepper for quick relief.

Black pepper is also referred as anti-depressant as it stimulates the nervous system and improves cognitive ability. So milagu vellam (jaggery) is prepared and given to pragnent ladies after delivery.
Some of the delicious recipes prepared with pepper are milagu kuzhambu brahmin style, poondu milagu jeeraga rasam,  milagu jeeragam saadham, tamil nadu milagu kulambu  Etc.

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