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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Values Medicinal uses of Sukku in Health benefits Tamil Medicine

This is Values Medicinal uses of sukku in Health benefits Tamil Medicine
Medicinal value of sukku
The main and well known use of dried ginger is to relieve acidity and regularize digestion system. You might have heard sukku milagu thippili uses in tamil Medicine.  Those who are suffering from motion sickness can take the treatment of dry ginger to fight against the problem. The taste and aroma of dry ginger helps to prevent vomit sensation, nausea and faintness.  People usually take sukku kashayam for cold.
Use of sukku during pregnancy is good. Most of the pregnant women face the problem of morning sickness. Dry ginger has proven very beneficial to treat the condition. It is very safe as it does not contain any other side effect. sukku legiyam and sukku vellam recipe is prepared specially for pregnant ladies.

Sukku medicinal properties Flu tamil Remedy

During flu or other viral fever infections, dry ginger helps to reduce the body temperature effectively. It helps to sweat out and thus removes the body toxins. sukku paal, dry ginger milk is a good remedy. Sukku pathu and sukku thailam reduce the headache problem.
Flu patients are advised to consume a small quantity of dry ginger to get the cure. sukku rasam or soup is good to cure fever. Because of the anti- inflammatory qualities of dry ginger, it is helpful in treating many painful conditions like Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. The regular consumption of this can give much relief in these conditions. It also gives an ease in movement of the joints of the affected area.

Sukku medicinal benefits Cancer Remedy
Some types of cancer like colorectal cancer and ovarian cancers can be treated with the help of dry ginger. It prevents the growth of the cancer cells efficiently. Dry ginger also can control the spread of the cells.
In case of ovarian cancer, dry ginger destroys the cancer cells with the enticement of apoptosis and phagocytosis. During this process it kill the cancer cells and improves self digestion.
Sukku coffee in tamil medicine is best for migraine, add half tsp of ginger powder with coffee powder and make sukku coffee. Add small amount of dry ginger in boiling water with tea powder and make a tea, this is called sukku tea. This tea is very useful in curing digestion problems.

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