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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Psoriasis Cure Treatment in Tamilnadu

Psoriasis Cure Treatment in Tamilnadu
This is the details about Psoriasis cure Tamil nadu medicine and home remedy. Psoriasis is a typical skin problem in which the growth of skin cells is very fast and therefore it results into thick, red or white patches on the skin. These thick patches which are called Plaques can be big or small in size and generally appear on hands, feet, knees, and scalp and even on lower back. Psoriasis treatment Tamil language ayurveda medicines are very effective method.  They give some special psoriasis diet in tamil siddha treatment. Medication and diet combination gives best cure in a very short time. Psoriasis tamil name thol alarchi, or kustam.  At the beginning itself you can get rid of psoriasis symptoms in Tamil Treatment and medication.

Psoriasis cure in tamil nadu : Tamil siddha medicine is in practice, Psoriasis Specialty Clinic is located in Velachery Chennai,

110, 80 Feet Road, D-Block,
Gangai Apartment,Sathya Garden,
Saligramam, Chennai – 600 093.
Phone:+91 9940306363, +91 9444160175

Psoriasis cure in Tamil
Here are some easy remedies to cure this skin condition:
1.   It is necessary to keep your skin humid if you are suffering from this condition. Dry skin can support the formation of plaque rapidly. To keep your skin moist, you can use mild moisturizers also.
2.   The soaps, dyes or perfumes can prove worst on the psoriasis. They can increase the inflammation and irritation of the skin. It is better to avoid them and use the products which are made especially for sensitive skin type.
3.   To remove the dryness from the patches you can apply olive oil or vegetable oil on them. You can also massage the patches gently with olive oil before bath. This can help to release them painlessly. This remedy is easy to get in your kitchen.
4.   Never skip you bath. In the skin condition of psoriasis it is necessary to be alert about cleanliness.
5.   Do not use hot water for bathing but you can get relief if you bathe with lukewarm water. Use Epsom salt, milk, olive oil or mineral oil while bathing to get relief from itching and irritating plaques. Use the mild moisturizer without delay after bath.
6.   A very small amount of sunlight is necessary to treat the psoriasis but excess sunlight can deteriorate the condition and it can even lead towards danger of skin cancer. Try to avoid going out directly in sunlight and if you are going out in direct sunlight then it is advisable to use sunscreen lotion thoroughly on the affected area.
7.   Try to find out the things or situations which can cause to aggravate the skin condition. You can try to avoid those things which lead you towards irritation and inflammation. Generally excess sun heat, smoking, pollution, stress, contamination and wounds on skin are the things which support to increase this condition.
8.   Though alcohol will not increase the patches of psoriasis but it can definitely reduce the usefulness of the medicines used for psoriasis.
9.   Garlic purifies the blood and also detoxifies the body. Eating raw and fresh garlic cloves in the morning before taking any food can prove beneficial to get shield against psoriasis.
10.        The flowers of jasmine are mashed into paste and this paste is applied on the psoriasis plaques directly. This paste is very helpful in reducing the pain and itching on the affected area.
11.        Neem leaves carry antiseptic property with them. This quality is used in the treatment of psoriasis as it wipes out fungus and infectious bacteria from the affected area. It also reduces the inflammation and itching on the patches.
12.        Turmeric is widely known for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities. The intake of turmeric or the paste of turmeric applied on the affected area can reduce pain and inflammation of the psoriasis. It can also prevent the development of the skin condition.
13.        Consume plenty of buttermilk to reduce the excess heat in the body and thus reduce the symptoms of this skin condition.
14.        Gently massage the affected area with avocado oil. This is very useful remedy to treat psoriasis.
15.        Gently rub aloe vera juice on the affected area to get rid of itching and inflammation.

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