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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Irregular Periods Treatment Tamil Medicine Home Tips

This is Irregular periods treatment Tamil Medicine Home tips.
Irregular periods reasons in tamil Medicine 

Normally a menstrual period continues for 4 to 7 days. The normal menstrual cycle is of 21 to 30 days. When the periods are irregular than normal, the menstrual flow is very less or much more, then the condition is called as irregular menstrual periods. Irregular period problems tamil medicines are very popular because of its nil side effects. Hormonal imbalance is one of the root causes of this irregularity. Pregnancy also can cause abnormal cycle.
 Many other physical and social factors also can affect the normal menstrual periods. The irregularity in period can lead to weight loss or weight gain, stress and anxiety. Thyroid can also be a major cause for this type of irregularity in periods. Many times change in some certain medication can cause to imbalance in periods cycle. Here are some irregular periods treatment tamil medicines.
Following are some the easy tamil medicine for irregular periods.

Irregular periods tips in Tamil Home Remedy
1.   Fresh ginger can be very much beneficial in reducing the pain in menstruation and it also regulates the disturbed cycle. Boil fresh ginger in water and consume that water after meals, twice a day.
2.   Boil saffron in water. And drink this water twice a day to get a solution from menstruation problems.
3.   Cinnamon powder along with warm milk can regulate delayed periods easily.
4.   Pudina powder (dry mint leaves powder) can be helpful in regulating abnormal menstrual circle.
5.   Paste of Bael leaves along with water can control the excessive bleeding in periods.

Irregular Periods after marriage in Tamil Medicine
1Coriander seeds boiled in water can be helpful in reducing high flow in menstrual periods.
2.   The fruit papaya can treat irregular periods. It is also helpful in menopause condition.
3.   Consumption of fennel seeds regularly can prevent the problem of irregular periods.
4.   Boil roots of banyan tree in water for some time and add little cow milk in it. Consume this mixture regularly before going to bed. This can help to regulate menstrual cycle.
5.   Grape juice is one of the well known remedy for regulating menstrual cycle. In season consumption of grapes can help you to keep away the menstrual related problems.

Irregular periods home remedies in tamil Medicines
1.   Bitter ground juice also helps to remove the abnormality connected to irregular menstrual cycle and maintains regularity.
2.    Add radish paste in buttermilk and consume this mixture for two days is good to get normal periods
3.   Adding coriander leaves in your daily diet can also reduce the period’s related problems and start the cycle regularly.
4.   Parsley juice is one of the ancient irregular period treating method followed by our ancestors.  
5.   Boil figs in water and consume this water daily to get rid of periods related problem.
6.   Eating fresh tender carrot or drinking juice works better for irregular periods problem.
7.    Aloe vera juice helps to control repeated menstrual cycle. It is also beneficial in controlling excess bleeding.

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