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Monday, March 17, 2014

Maruthani Medicinal Uses / Henna Plant Medicinal Benefits

Henna Medicinal Uses
This is the details of maruthani medicinal uses, henna plant medicinal uses. Henna is called maruthani in Tamil. Henna is a very famous plant in India, especially for decorating purpose. In our country for marriages and for many festivals henna paste is used for decorating palms and feet with beautiful designs. Other than this henna carries many henna plant benefits cure certain diseases. Here are some of the benefits of henna plant:

Ayurvedic henna mix: Henna is a complete medicinal plant. Its leaves, flowers, bark and seeds are used in the preparation of Tamil ayurvedic medicines. It has been proved that henna contains anti microbial properties.

Henna oil and Henna paste: Henna oil is used in headache, leprosy and many other skin disorders like eczema, scabies, fungal infections and even burns and boils. Henna leaves paste applied in swelling and bruises are proved much effective. Oil extracted from henna flowers is helpful in relieving muscular pain.
Henna oil works magically in treating rheumatic and arthritic pain. The paste of henna leaves applied on the affected area can give soothing relief.

Henna plant Seeds Uses: The seeds of henna plant are used in manufacturing of deodorants and these seeds are also much beneficial in menstruation related problems.

Henna Jaundice Cure: The extract of henna bark is very helpful in treating liver related problems like jaundice and liver plugging. Tuberculosis bacteria are also controlled with the help of henna juice.
Henna oil helps to prevent pre-mature graying of hair.

Henna diarrhea cure: Bark of henna plant has shown remarkable result in treating dysentery. Henna seeds are powdered and mixed with pure ghee; this mixture is rolled into small tablets and consumed with water for relief in loose motions.

Henna Diabetes Cure: The extracts of henna contain hypoglycemic ingredients which are helpful in controlling blood glucose level.
Henna for Male Pattern Baldness: Boil henna leaves in mustard oil. After cooling filter and use this oil for regular scalp massage. This oil will be beneficial in quick and healthy hair growth. Thus henna oil is used in treating baldness.

Henna headache Cure: In summer season due to extreme heat, headache or migraine can be severe. Apply henna flowers paste with vinegar on forehead can reduce the throbbing pain. Henna leaves paste or oil is helpful in curing itchy heat boils and other rashes due to heat.

Henna Good for Dandruff: Henna oil is the best remedy for removing dandruff. Henna paste applied on hair gives best texture and shine to hair. It helps to improve the quality of hair and stops hair breakage.

Henna for Hair dying: Henna leaves are best for using as natural colouring ingredient. They are used in the production of natural hair dyes or dye in garment companies.

Henna for Foot Fungus CureHenna powder paste can cure healing cracks in the foot and also relives other foot infections.

Henna fair skin: Henna powder is beneficial for healthy and fair skin tone.

Henna for Nails Benefits: Soak henna leaves in water overnight and drink this water to reduce the problem of breaking and unhealthy nails.

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