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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Tamil Eliya Maruthuvam / Nattu Marunthu Eyarkai Maruthuvam

Tamil Eliya Maruthuvam 
This is tamil Eliya maruthuvam called nattu marunthu or eyarkai maruthuvam. The meaning for Tamil iyarkai maruthuvam is  natural medicine with easily available ingredients. This is freely followed from our parents and grand parents. Everyone believes that grandmas are loaded with ideas and knowledge. They have solution for every small and big problem. Actually their experiences have given them the information about the hidden treasure in kitchen and garden. Small and easily available ingredients can be greatly useful in many kinds of treatments. Here take a look on some easy home remedies of grandma:

Tamil home medicine for cold: Honey with fresh tulsi leaves juice is the most beneficial remedy for chronic cough.
Boil onion pieces in water. Add ½ inch crushed ginger and little black pepper powder while boiling. Boil the water till the water is half in quantity. Filter and sip this water as an effective therapy for cough and cold.
Eating raw garlic or including garlic in your curries is very much beneficial for immunity building. Garlic also works against any type of allergy. It is also good for cough and cold.

Tamil medicine for Indigestion
After a heavy meal, add 1tsp of ginger juice, 1 tsp of fresh lemon juice and a little salt in lukewarm water and drink it for quick digestion.
Children often complain about stomach pain. Always keep ready a mixture of ajwain powder, saunf powder, jeera powder and black salt. Mix 1 tsp of this mixture in warm water and give to a kid to give instant relief from pain.
Stomach pain also can be reduced by applying thick  form of asafoetida and water or oil, on the stomach around the naval area.

Tamil medicine for Mouth ulcer: Boil water along with neem leaves, cloves and turmeric. Rinsing the mouth with this water can prevent bad breathe and other oral problems like mouth ulcer. Add lemon juice in water and rinse mouth with it. It is effective on bad breathe and also keeps the mouth fresh all the day.
Clove oil is very effective in tooth pain and other gum problems.
Tamil medicine for lower back pain: To get relief in backache, do a gentle massage with garlic oil on back. Putting few drops of garlic oil in ears can reduce ear pain.

Tamil treatment for pimples: Mix multani mitti and rose water and make a smooth paste. Apply a thin layer of this paste on face and wash off after fifteen minutes. This face pack is useful in pimple treatment and also to keep the skin dirt free.

Other important Grandma Vaithiyam
Rose water can be beneficial for keeping eyes cool and reducing the eye tiered. Put 2-2 drops after every 2 hours.
Gently massage your hair with honey mixed with olive oil. After 1 hour wash hair with by using soap nut or any other commercially available ingredients. This can give a shine and bounce to hair.
Chewing a piece of ginger can be effective in controlling hiccups.

Eating Guava and papaya just before going to bed is the good treatment to get rid of constipation.

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